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2019 Graceful Polka Dot Long Sleeve Dress

Posted by angela 29/07/2019 0 Comment(s)

 This long sleeve dress has a V-neck line, A-line style, and laces on the front. Together with
those simple but elegant broken flowers printed on it, this dress gives people a feeling of
both sexy and lively.
 The Bohemian style makes this dress a great choice for summer vacation, especially
seaside vacation. What’s more, the broken flower is now in vogue, making you a fashion
insider. The most important design of this dress is the A-line style because it can cover your
hip and show your slender waist at the same time. And also, the mid-length can make your
leg seem longer visually.
 This dress is not only of beauty but also of practicability. As one of the versatile basics
(essentials), it fits for many everyday occasions: work, hang out with friends or go on a
holiday…… The long sleeve can protect you from sunburn; the loose style will not make you
feel fettered when doing things, and the mixed fabric (polyester and cotton) is a well-known
fabric that is crease-resistant and comfortable.
 Buying this dress, we will send you free shipping no matter where you are and send it
to you as quickly as possible.

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