Rhinestone bow point flats

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2019 V mouth-fish-mouth-ego-shoes

Posted by amy 29/07/2019 0 Comment(s)

This pair of fishmouth shoes fit my size very well and really lighten my feet.

There's no clumsiness like the fishmouth shoes I used to wear. It's very easy to wear because of its lightweight.  Even girls who often go out are suitable for this pair of shoes.

It won't hurt your feet even you wear it too long. In addition, the shoes are made of black suede, and the opening of the shoes is very shallow and the stitches are very nice.

In summer, when you go shopping in the shoes, the whole person will look taller and more elegant. In addition, the suede used in the shoes is soft and skin-friendly and is comfortable and breathable to wear. on the other hand, the V-mouth fish-mouth design is adopted, as a result, when you are walking, you will feel so quiet and stable. To be honest, it's really suitable for girls who like shopping in summer and want to be more elegant.


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