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Bee Slim Plaid Dress

Posted by amber 21/08/2019 0 Comment(s) New Products,

Every summer, a large number of girls will acquire some good-looking dresses to spend scorching summer for themselves, and the following picture is a bee slim plaid dress with five-minute sleeves, which highlights the elegant temperament of women. It is made of polyester fiber—a high-grade comfortable fabric. This dress is natural, healthy and soft with a good sense of comfort. Here are some delicate details about it.

First, this dress has a fashionable collar and a brief and generous lapel design that fits the body, which shows the charm of women and the graceful neck curve,coupled with the collar inlaid with diamond decoration,playful and smart, plus lattice shape, adds extra points for street fashion. 

Besides, this dress has a fashionable waist collection design. The pleated bow at the waist has a unique style, highlighting the slim waistline and optimizing the body shape. This is a favorite style for many girls because it makes the waist look thinner.
What's more, the dress is made in such a delicate way that the length was just at the knee and the body was stretched out to create a new style of height, showing the delicate and touching side of women.

What is most important is that the dress comes in two colors, black and pink. The black one looks more mature, formal and suitable for professional women. The red one looks very sunny and lively. These two colors have their own merits. As for size, there are S, M, X, Xl, XXL five kinds, basically suitable for all women. We offer free shipping to North America, Europe, Australia, most of Asia, South America and some parts of Africa. Receiving time is 10-16 days.

The sheath dress is a summer must-have with a great sense of style. Why not buy one to meet the most beautiful yourself! Travel for the dream, act for the beauty!Take action!Come to buy it!


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