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This is an abstract and beautiful ceramic artwork, full of creativity. It can be used as a great gift for a friend or as a good decoration for a home display indoors or outdoors. In addition, it can be a wedding souvenir, art collection, etc. The detail of it explains the style of abstract art.

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In order to pursue the style of nature and peace, this candlestick is handmade by log, with a simple style, and decorated with a candle. Bronze lock makes it more delicate. It has the most primitive preservation of wood lanterns so that it sends out a thick natural atmosphere. Let it take you into a comfortable life with the purest attitude.

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As a woven storage bucket of aquatic plants, it satisfies all kinds of family decoration styles, making people feel warm and cozy. This product has good toughness and durable preservation.


Put it in a corner, it is not dazzling or glitzy, but once you look at it, its vintage style will catch your attention and make you touch it. It is superior in quality and technique. The faded effect of the product and the exquisite details reflect the unique design, which is worth your appreciation. Whether the decorating style in your house is European style, Chinese style or pastoral style, it all suites. 

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Cameras can capture many beautiful and unforgettable moments. It is a symbol of time and memory. This vintage camera decoration with its old-fashion appearance is quite attractive as a special adornment. You will fall in love with it at a glance.

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These dried flowers have natural and lovely looks that can bring warmth and romance to different places including your home, office or conference room. It can be also brought on some special occasions like weddings or parties. Except for the color in the picture, it has many other colors as you want.

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