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Wonderful 5D Diamond Paintings

Posted by amber 19/08/2019 0 Comment(s) New Products,

For most of you, you maybe love doing something by yourself very much. That is called DIY nowadays. Today, I would like to share these DIY diamond paintings with you. And have you noticed that the hanging paintings will make your home more brilliant? Do you want to have a look?

There are several 5D DIY diamond paintings as follows. With the uniform Rubik's cube diamond particles, the realistic refraction effect and the HD canvas design, these paintings are attractive and wonderful. I hope that you will like it. 

As you can see in the picture, you are more likely to be attracted by its layout. For me, it gives me a wonderful visual sense. It seems that there is a tress with blossoms and fruits from a distance. To some extent, it is a symbol of prosperity and it will light up your life.
Here is the link:


How about this diamond painting of apples? There are several big red apples in the painting.

Have you heard the following sentence, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away."? Apples, one of the common fruits, which have the moral of health and safeness in China. Furthermore, vivid design surely gives you excellent enjoyment. 
Here is the link:

Next, here is a 5D diamond painting of plum flowers.

Do you want to know more about Chinese culture? Let me tell you something now. Plum flowers are famous flowers on behalf of the winter in China. Besides, some poets often describe the plum flowers in their poems to show the spirit of perseverance. 
As you can see in the painting, it is a tree which is full of plum flowers. So, it surely symbolizes the noble character of perseverance and adamancy.
Here is the link:

I believe that most girls will love the following painting. Now, let's have a look.

Did you see the heart-shaped tree? You will see a big red tree and red grasses and a wonderful blue sky when you finish designing this painting. Although there are just several colors in the painting, it can give you spectacular enjoyment.
 Overall, red symbolizes the enthusiasm and the blue sky symbolizes the wonderful day. Thus, to hang on this painting of love tress is certainly make the room and your life more vibrant and brighter.
Here is the link:

Here is also a fantastic painting. 

With its special and interesting design, you can enjoy different seasons with various changes in nature. In a word, this painting can make you can't help praising how excellent it is. Simultaneously, this is one of the most popular paintings with customers. 
Here is the link:

They are beautiful decorations for your home and office. You just follow the simple instructions, and the leisure drawing activity with families and friends is easy to start. After finishing the painting, you can decorate your home and office with these beautiful works.

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