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A formula to calculate the height of your heels.

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Here's Carrie's classic line from Sex and the City: "Standing on my heels, I can see the world." And Kelly said, "Love dies, but the shoes are always here." When it comes to "heels", we will think about temperament, beauty, and elegance. 



Heels for women are indispensable because wearing them will completely improve your overall aura. Just like for dinner parties, evening dress and high-heeled shoes are the standard accessories.

Heels have a variety of styles, just the height of the heel is very different. So do you know what your height is suitable for the height of shoes? 


Let's verify this scientifically, a formula-- calculate your height for what height of heels  ( Leg Length plus Heel height) / Your Height plus Heel height) ≈ 0.618

Why? 0.618 is the Golden Point. The mathematicians confirm that it will be harmonious by following the Golden Point. If you want to have a perfect body proportions, like the supermodels, you can put on heels.

If you think this formula is very complex for you, here is a relatively simple one for you ---Heels Height ≈(0.618 times Height minus Leg Length)/0.382

In my opinion, there are only two kinds of women in the world: those who wear heels and those who wear flattie.


Heels with any piece of clothing are beautiful scenery. Just simple white T-shirt with jean, you can have temperament instantly.

Here are some classic high heels.


Slip-on heels

It is the most classic design, without any restraint, and the instep joined to the calf shows long legs.


One word heels

I recommend you to choose a color close to the skin tone, wearing it your legs can be visually tall. Of course, black is a safe color, no matter what you wear it with, and it's easy to create a powerful aura.


Thick heels

It has the advantage of a stiletto heel, but also comes with its own flashpoint-stability. Even as a novice, it is easy to walk on the road.


Mary Jane Shoes

This round toe shoes with an instep in the middle are a fairy tale for many girls. The design of the round head makes you like a princess, beautiful and lovely.


Kitten Heels

It's a light-weight that highlights women's temperament as well as lovely and beautiful. You will not be tired when wearing for daily work. And it goes well with all kinds of clothes.

Everyone can have a pair of suitable heels.


But if you are a tall girl. Don't worry. There are some flatties for you. The woman who wears high-heeled shoes is elegant and enchanting; the woman that wears flattie is comfortable, easy, natural and unrestrained.


Nowadays, the most fashionable flatties are pointed shoes and lace-up shoes.

Pointed shoes give people a feeling of enchantment and sexy appeal. And Lace-up shoes give people a feeling of freshness and maiden.


Loafers are soft and comfortable. Loafers can be paired with straight black pants for a stylish and casual look.



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