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Aloe deep gelatin lip balm

Posted by emma 29/07/2019 0 Comment(s)

The shell of the lip balm is special. Its’ shell looks like a mini-aloe.

The upper part of the lip balm is light-green and the lower part of it is deep-green. The design perfectly shows our manufacturing idea.
Aloe deep gelatin lip balm is made by aloe extract, honey essence, jojoba seed oil, and vitamin E.

The recipe has a natural plant and it is absorbed by our skin easily.

Also, other nutrient substances can protect our lips effectively and make a long-lasting gelatin coat on the lip. Vitamin E is an essential substance to make our lips smooth.
Besides, when you use it for the first time, there won’t be any color changes in your lip. However, after a few minutes, the color in your lip will become pink and you will be very energetic.

In a day, you will feel comfortable and fresh by smelling the natural plant. It not only can solve the lip problems but also use it as a lipstick.

We have many different colors lipsticks to make us look beautiful, but in this hot summer, why don’t you consider using a natural lip balm to care for your lip? Every girl deserves having an aloe lip balm to protect our delicate lips.


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