Two-piece silk texture robe for women

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Cheap Graceful Polka Dot Long Sleeve Dress

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This dress, as a whole, has national characteristics and exotic style. Firstly, the design of broken flowers is very characteristic of ethnic minorities. The skirt was dyed and printed. Popular elements: lace, printing. The skirt was laced and printed with fashionable elements.

And It shows the national culture of China. 
Secondly, the V-collar design is simple and generous, making the elegant goddess more attractive, and highlighting the sexiness of women. 
Thirdly, drawing rope also uses ethnic costumes that are suitable for clothes. And it's more innovative, not to take a rope at the waist.    
Furthermore, the long sleeve design is more solemn. The loose design shows that girls are generous. The waist can be relaxed or fitted to the waist. Short skirts are designed with long legs and thin skirts.

The skirt type is an A-shaped skirt. The skirt is suitable for traveling. It can also be worn in summer. Above all, the material of clothes is cool and comfortable, which will make you feel very comfortable. That is because it uses cotton blends and is made of 51% - 70% polyester fibers (polyester).

There are four different colors. White is elegant, red is sexy and passionate, green and sapphire are fresh.

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