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Choose an exquisite dress for the hot summer!

Posted by lily 08/07/2019 0 Comment(s) Branding, New Products,

As the footsteps of midsummer approached, the weather became hotter and hotter.

Since we have to face the torture of hot summer, why not choose an exquisite and comfortable dress? It can bring us infinite coolness! Whether it's a formal occasion or a gathering of friends, choosing a dress that suits you will attract the attention of the whole audience.

Vintage dress has always been a popular style for all kinds of fashion weeks, and the elements of broken flowers have been popular in recent years. It not only can help to set off your elegant temperament, but also can lengthen your body to highlight the beautiful figure, especially for tall girls!

In this picture, Lily Collins is wearing a blue flower dress that brings a refreshing breeze. And the dress design also appears to be lovely and witty, which also matches her temperament very well, so a vintage dress really can add points to your temperament! Coupled with a solid color high heel shoes, her figure will be instantly elongated, so short girls can also try this kind of skirt!


Girls who like sexy style should never miss sheer dress. These two sets of sheer dresses have their own characteristics: gauze design is full of mystery, and is very comfortable co-ordinated with silk cloth, especially suitable for hot summer wearing! And this kind of dress design is very special, so it can quickly attract the eye. It is also very suitable for beach wear dress or birthday dress! Which girl would not like this kind of fairy style?

This sheer dress showed in Paris Fashion Week is unique: in the dress body, elements of flowers and sequins mix very well, and the insect elements of the upper body cleverly echo, as if instantly transformed into the darling of nature. Gradual pale blue color matching is also very eye-catching. It can be seen that in sexy dresses, sheer dresses occupy an very important position. Every girl who loves beauty should have a sheer dress!

Slip dress is also very suitable for summer style! In hot summer, a cool suspender skirt will make you very refreshing ! Pure color dress is also a hot trend. This street photographer wears a pure white suspender skirt, which can highlight her fashionable temperament. In our daily wear, whether it is daily commuting or participating in activities, slip dress is also very versatile.  With a pair of sunglasses and flat-soled leather shoes, it seems that the whole person is very relaxed.

Fishtail skirt is also a favorite style of many girls. The playful shape of the skirt shows a lively and lovely temperament. Both young girls and working women can find their own different beauty with the help of fishtail skirt. Since fishtail skirt is often short skirt, it is more suitable for matching high heels, and it can invisibly strengthen the atmosphere of the whole person!


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