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After looking 269 fashion shows in Paris, this year's most popular shoes and bags are summarized.

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Paris Fashion Week officially came to an end. I dare say that this is the best season - from Hermès, Valentino to Louis Vuitton, the T-stage has produced countless beautiful clothes, shoes and handbags, which are more refined than ever, and are full of motives to make money; but this is also the most The sad season - It no longer has the Chanel show where Lafayette is closing, the models are covering their faces and crying, fashion has already surpassed its own meaning.

This is the most memorable moment in Paris.

We all know that Karl Lagerfeld awakened the sleeping Chanel, and on the 19th of last month, he slept forever. This Chanel 2019 autumn and winter series is the last farewell left by Karl Lagerfeld, leaving a moving moment.

At the end of the show, the faces of the models that Lafayette loved were coming out together. Mariacarla Boscono walked and couldn't help but bow her head and weep. The next Cara Delevingne also endured grief and gently patted her back to give her comfort.

At this moment, maybe we all need to be comforted.

So the Grand Palace built a pure, quiet snow town, which is as holy and beautiful as the soul.

Every Chanel model is basically wearing a camellia, elegant and superb, pinning the thoughts of Lafayette.

Chanel's invitation also gave us such a hint - drawing Karl and Coco Chanel side by side and writing "The beat goes on..." This is the deepest memory of the two legends. Translation is also a conviction of "everything as usual".

Yes, we always go ahead.

What impressed me is Saint Laurent. This season created a huge mirror show, very deep sense of space, the models performed shows, as if there are thousands of different avatars.

The show went to the second half, the surrounding lights suddenly changed, the models put on the dazzling fluorescent color costumes, the visual effect was amazing.

In the past two years, Marine Serre, who has been on the top of Instagram.This time they made the ultimate crescent tights to the extreme, even wrapped from head to toe, and made the same mask.

Rick Owens, who has always loved "playing", has not disappointed this season. The models have long horns on their faces and huge pupils that look like they are coming from another planet.

This makeup was created by the team and the disguised artist Sad Salvia. The design is so long, I really want to know how to turn it from a dream into a reality.

And Maison Margiela also played cosplay on the show. With the BGM of Swan Lake, the model himself became an elegant swan.

This season, Tommy Hilfiger released a series of capsules in collaboration with Zendaya. Before the release, Zendaya had put her own design on.

In addition, the show invited 59 black models as catwalk models, including the legendary black supermodels such as Pat Cleveland and Beverly Johnson, which can be said to be extraordinary.

The show was closed by the fashion icon that influenced a generation, Grace Jones. Grace Jones is an inspiration for many fashion people and artists such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, etc. He is 70 years old this year. With the disco music, Grace danced as if she had returned to Studio 54 in the 70s.

These new packages make me feel at ease

In addition to those unforgettable moments, let's talk about fashion itself. Among them, handbags are always the focus of our attention. After all, the next season's It Bag, many of them were born in Paris Fashion Week.

The first is the most practical ones - such as Hermès, which every woman wants to have. This time, the classic Constance has been made into a small pocket, which is so smart that make us feel young at once.

Also transformed is Louis Vuitton's Monogram, which is the old flower. This season, some mature old flowers have been re-interpreted, some are full of science fiction, and some are stitched together, refreshing.

What makes me love is the Mini Luggage of this little baby size, too cute.

This season, playing vintage engraving includes CELINE. Fans of the Middle Ages, CELINE's new package is simply not for you. What's more, Hedi has made vintage so modern.

This season's Dior, many people have fallen in love with this handbag decorated with the "CD" logo, all sizes and materials, and simple and elegant, very versatile.

The saddle bag also has a new style, which not only updates the dark green color, but also matches the cowboy and the old flower.

Chloé's new chain bag is called Aby, which looks super-exquisite, especially the small lock in the middle is full of Chloé style, and the street beat will soon be swiped by it.

This little lock is still very special. Take it out and zoom in and it becomes an Aby Padlock handbag.

Loewe's Puzzle and Gate have been the hearts of many fashion bloggers since many seasons. This season they have a new color scheme, how can people refuse it!

The new handbag is also beautiful, although the design is simple, but it looks very advanced.

Of course, there are also imaginative bags. For example, the small handbag on the Chanel show is designed as a ski lift, and the details are also very delicate. Look carefully at the misty window with Coco on it, and there are small skis hanging outside, with a double C logo on it.

In order to match Chanel's skiing theme, many other classic styles are also covered with furry coats, each of which is super cute.

Valentino's classic V-shaped buckle is certainly no stranger to you, but the style of this "kiss" is the first time we see it.

This time, Thom Browne designed the "puppy bag", which is so cute.

This time, the most topical topic on Instagram is Jacquemus. As a veritable mini bag, it may only hold the next coin.

Contrast with the model's face, make sure it is not designed for Barbie?

Givenchy also introduced this ultra-mini size package, but there is no such "excessive" mini, it seems to be used as a change key bag, in addition to handcuffs can also hang around the neck.

On the contrary, Loewe got it’s big to the extreme. On the contrary, Loewe has done the most. Compared to the super-commercial commuter bags in the front, this bag may be super-suitable for travel. There is absolutely no problem with a difference of two or three days.

The size of the Off-White handbag is not small, and it is also made into the quilted design of the down jacket. If it is too cold, it is better to hug your bag.

These coats and skirts are worth having

Paris is the birthplace of French style. The clothes here are never lacking in style and texture. In this season, we also found too many coats and skirts for you.

First of all, the coats that are most worthy of your investment, such as Lemaire, are still simple, low-key and pure design. At first glance, the past is not the most "tidal", but it always looks advanced. In addition, the same color of the show is also very classic, it is worth learning.

Speaking of classics, there must be Chanel. In addition to the iconic tweed, Chanel also launched a lot of plaid, houndstooth coats and suits this season, buying a piece will not be outdated for a lifetime.

In the 70-story CELINE show, the oversize silhouette coat is also a favorite item, especially the soft teddy bear coat, which will still be popular next fall and winter.

It was too domineering when performing on the show.

Hermès also adds a striped colorblock design to the regular coat to make it look even more special.

Stella McCartney's lace-up coat is even more sturdy, and it's also designed as a leather stitching style that outlines the lines.

The skirts of Paris are always the most beautiful. Especially Valentino, the veil is adorned with butterflies and flowers, each of which is a fairy tale of a woman's dream.

Feminine, light, romantic... Even if you use the beautiful adjectives you can think of, it's not too much.

This season, Valentino also invited four contemporary poets to create a collection of poems under the name of "On Love". Some of the skirts are printed with the verses, which is the most poetic romance.

Among them, this sentence is my favorite - "Through the sky, it is eternal, I think we should go there tonight."

Givenchy's dress is also beautiful to let us suffocate. The whole skirt is like a canvas, and the print on it is a little bit of a pattern painted with a brush.

We all know that Chloé's jackets and trousers are very styled. I didn't expect this print skirt to be super-beautiful, and not only in dresses but also in the form of skirts.

And brands like Johanna Ortiz, which are very hot on social media, are also beautiful and practical. The tropical prints and the ruffled wrap skirts create a graceful body line.

Lanvin's collection is the first show of the new creative director, Bruno Sialelli. Inspired by the work of the painter Gerard Schlosser, the dress is not only simple and elegant but also full of artistic temperament.

In fact, during this Paris Fashion Week, several brands have changed into new designers and changed their appearance. Nina Ricci is also one of them. The relaxed and elegant design feels very suitable for going on vacation.

Love to wear basic models, these shoes and accessories can make you extra points.

Regarding shoes and accessories, they may not be the most conspicuous, but they are the ones that best enhance the sense of style. This season's Paris Fashion Week, there are too many fun and interesting accessories.

Do you still remember the little black shoes that you must wear when you are performing? This season, Maison Margiela has them on the show. It looks very maiden, and the material and heel design are different. The matching socks are also very interesting, and the stockings and white socks are stacked.

Then there is the trend of fur, the cutest is the pair of Chanel thick-heeled boots with furry decoration. Snow boots, once a "fashion insulator", have finally turned over this time.

Even the CELINE boots have lamb lambs inside, and the hipsters don’t have to worry about freezing.

Off-White even puts a variety of colors on the outside of the high-heeled shoes, the tie is also very special, is a cute little label, want to have.

Square heel shoes are also a very important trend this season. For example, Chloé puts leather and knit fabric together to make thick heel boots, so that the socks have a new style.

Valentino and Maison Margiela, the prints on their show are integrated into the thick heel boots.

With the way of accessories, it’s hard to say that you are fashionable without buying a hat like this. The models on the Dior show are almost always equipped with casual fisherman hats, and they are also very elegant.

Although Loewe's hat is inspired by the Middle Ages, its appearance looks like the big ear of a small flying elephant, and the back looks like a dolphin of a shark, which looks super cute anyway.

Does Valentino's hat remind you of the story of a maid?

There is also a bigger one, from the Koché show. The furry decoration dances with the huge hat up and down, and it will fly with the wind on the road.

Of course, there is another ultra-small Louis Vuitton that has gone to the extreme. It has designed a lot of hats that are close to the hair, but I think that the most chic accessories for LV are earrings. Wearing long earrings only wears one side, and the asymmetry is interesting.

Or like Givenchy, wearing earrings of different lengths on the left and right sides is also a good way to become fashionable in a second.

There are also some materials that you never imagined can also be earrings, such as Stella McCartney, actually a bunch of dozens of different color paper clips, the effect is quite interesting.

So how do women on the streets of Paris wear this season?

On this issue, in Paris you will find that fashion is more like a culture, even a belief. Because everyone penetrated the street from the show, almost everyone was affected by this spirit.

hey all love to wear black, but the black in their eyes is not dull. Different materials are layered and different details are designed to piece together their unique self-style. For example, in a black suit, you can always run into a fashionable woman dressed in the streets of Paris, holding coffee and wearing sunglasses, lazy but delicate.

Even if you are not a Parisian, you will always be infected by the temperament of the city. A suit can be worn with a delicate suit and a striking belt. It can be worn with patent leather ankle boots and soft red lips, which can give off different charms and styles.

This season, many people like to wear a suit jacket with a flowing skirt, so that the rigid suit is gentle.

We have already recommended a lot of beautiful dresses on this season's show. In fact, you can't refuse all kinds of dresses in the street. Whether it's a print skirt or an animal print, or even the purest black dress, it's always memorable.

This season, I also saw a lot of black leather trench coats, which are not as strong as we imagined, but also have a soft and romantic side, especially worn.

In Paris, simple white shirts are also a little different, with ruffles and lantern sleeves to make them look more elegant. When the weather is cold, you can put a turtleneck on the inside, which is more layered.

Finally, there are those unusually delicate accessories, which can be a flowing silk scarf or a pair of golden earrings.

This is the beauty of Paris, it is so smashed by time, and then branded your own.

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