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Different Ornaments in a Warm and Romantic Style

Posted by amy 24/07/2019 0 Comment(s) New Products,

There is no doubt that almost everyone has his bedroom. When talking about the bedrooms or the houses, I have a question to ask young girls: what kinds of decoration styles do your bedrooms or house have? Do you like a lovely and sweet style? Today, I will introduce these products to you. And I hope that you will like it. 

For many young girls, Plush dolls are attractive. As you can see in the picture, can you see its expression with a warm smile? With its PP cotton filling material and plush classification of Arctic velvet spray, this cloud pillow is soft, cute and durable. Besides, it is easy to clean when it is dirty. 


It is suitable for growing children because it can be a good playmate. Simultaneously, your child can hug a soft toy when asleep. You can also put it on the sofa for decoration. 

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Next, this Nordic bowknot ceramic vase is 7cm in width and 11.5cm in height. Do you like it? With its interesting shape, textures and warm color, it is an appeal to many customers. How about plugging in some flowers? Certainly, it is unique and beautiful. You can choose white, pink, light gray, and green according to your personal preference. Why not have a try? 


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At the moment, you have a vase now, and the flowers are indispensable parts of the vase. What kinds of flowers do you like best? How about these dried flowers? Due to its material, it is not easy to be withered so that many people prefer this kind of adorable flowers.


There are many colors for you to choose: white, green, red, rose red, purple, royal blue, yellow, pink, blue and orange, and certainly different colors have different expression effects. What I can say is that all colors are attractive and beautiful. Besides, you can make good use of these giant star flowers and the above vase to decorate the house in a warm and romantic style. These flowers can be put on many other occasions not only at home.

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How about these angel ornaments? Angel is a symbol of purity and kindness. 


These angel ornaments are made of high quality environmentally friendly resin material and hand-painted and colored. Moreover, the surface is sprayed with sequins to make it more shine. How lovely these angel ornaments are! So you can put it everywhere you like.

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In the end, I am pleased to share this ornament with you. It is creative and attractive. It is called the dream catcher. Because of its lower price and fine quality, it is one of the best selling products.

It is said that the Indians use it to catch beautiful dreams while letting the nightmare disappear with the morning sun. They believe that they are full of all kinds of dreams in the night, and only the dream catcher can filter the dream to let them have beautiful dreams. With its Hand-knitted and national style design, it can give you special visual enjoyment. Come on!Just hang it on the wall of your bedroom, it can be used in decorating and brightening your life.

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Come on! Try to use these ornaments to decorate your house and light up your life.


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