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Wearing these colors in spring and summer,you’re beautiful and fascinating.

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The first is the 2019 popular color released by Pantone, Living Coral Pink codenamed 16-1546.

At the same time, 2019 spring and summer fashion colors are also on the line together, I counted, there are actually as many as 16. Among them, 12 are bright colors, both warm and cold, with a large span, and the other 4 are classic neutral colors, which are more gentle and elegant.

Then the question comes, how do we choose to wear 16 colors?

First,Living Coral Pink

This season, many brands have launched a single item of Living Coral Pink, such as Gucci 2019 early spring vacation series is super fascinated with Living Coral Pink, this color is easy to create a flowing sense of fairy.

For Living Coral Pink, one way to wear it is to incorporate some patterns into the base color. The proportion of orange is reduced and it will be better.

In the spring and summer of 2019, there are two kinds of items that are most suitable for Living Coral Pink. The first is a dress, it is easy to wear a gentle temperament.

Living Coral Pink suits can also come in one set, this color can make the tough suit more gentle.

Living Coral Pink is also very suitable for putting on accessories, it is not easy to damage the whole, but also highly eye-catching.

Second,Sweet Lilac Pink

This kind of girl-like tender color can be used in the dress. Elle Fanning goes through this color dress, like a smart little fairy.

The Sweet Lilac Pink suit and the Living Coral Pink suit also have the same effect, which can soften the sharpness of the suit. With the matching, " Sweet Lilac Pink plus white" is the favorite of many bloggers.

It's more fashionable to choose some cool dark colors such as black or tough pieces for style collision.

Three,Mango Mojito Yellow

Regarding the yellow color, there is such a beautiful color in the spring and summer pop color called Mango Mojito Yellow. Kendall loves to wear it and wears it beautifully.

Mango Mojito Yellow is also very high-grade, and the rich color is very suitable for formal occasions. Amal Clooney wears it when attending the Megan wedding.

In terms of collocation, remember that a formula "black with mango mojito yellow" is right, like a Karlie Kloss with a black coat with mango mojito yellow, can bring out an elegant and intellectual temperament.

How to choose a single product? The new season's Givenchy is occupied by the mango mojito yellow dress line. On the show, black or white is used to match this yellow.

In the new season, Escada also launched the mango mojito yellow suit skirt, which is obviously glamorous when viewed on the show.

In spring and summer, you can also choose Mango Mojito yellow sweaters and sweaters. It is like a small reflector that will give you the perfect look.

Four,Jester Red

Jester Red is a kind of red with a slight dark tone, similar to wine red, but it is cooler, the cool color dilutes the darkness, retains the red white effect, and looks good. Aimee Song, a blogger with a deep skin tone, likes to wear it.

Valentino, Celine, Saint Laurent, Victoria Beckham 2019 spring and summer collections have launched Jester Red's single product, gorgeous and feminine.

This year's popular 80% of the area uses Jester Red, which is unified into a warm red color with brightness, which looks very good.

In the spring, there is a gas jacket with Jester Red and a sweater that can be worn alone.

You can also choose a dress that wraps the whole body, such as the Hervé Léger 2019 early autumn collection.

Five,Fiesta Red

Fiesta Red is a vibrant orange tune on the basis of Zhenghong. It is not only more temperamental, but also has a significant improvement in brightness compared to Zhenghong, and it also has a better effect on the skin.

Compared to the unclear lavender, Victoria Beckham, who is darker in color, is obviously better dressed in Fiesta Red.

Wear tips to copy Jester Red. Normally, girls want their faces to look white, then move the light source to the side of the face and wear a Fiesta Red top like Kendall.

Or Lena Perminova chooses a Fiesta Red suit jacket, which is also very eye-catching. However, because the Fiesta Red is more publicized, it can be relatively reduced in size when worn. Or inject other colors to reconcile, such as choosing a deep black to match, Kendall, Lena Perminova are so.

Or like Cobie Smulders and Gigi, "white with red" is also very good. Fiesta Red is simply the most fashionable color.

Fiesta Red earrings also have such a brightening effect, attracting the line of sight to the illuminated face, and the small details are too much.

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