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Green is the Fashionable Color you Must Try

Posted by amber 20/08/2019 0 Comment(s) New Products,

What's your feeling when you see the green plants outside? Do you think that the green trees and grasses can give you the power of energy? I think so. Green is a powerful color. I am pleased to share these green items with you. I hope that you will love them.

Here is a formal green dress. Do you think it is unique? Sure. It is uncommon to see in our daily life. 

You can show your attractive collarbone because of its V-neck design. Simultaneously, the asymmetric slit design can help you show your long legs. In addition, the soft fabric gives you a comfortable sensation. How about wearing high heels and jewelry? You will become more beautiful. This beautiful long dress is suitable for balls, parties, proms, weddings and other occasions. I believe that you are the shining queen when you wear this dress.

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Here is a long-sleeved tunic dress in green. 

With its V-neck design, you can show your attractive collarbone perfectly. With its front sash design, you will be more charming and cute. All the popular elements of this dress, such as flora, printing, and lace, make its dress unique and excellent. This is a green item you can not miss. 

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To some extent, necklaces are necessary for ladies to match their clothes or anything else. How about this exquisite necklace?

It is a special necklace with a fluorescent pendant in green and the braided rope. Ladies can wear V-neck dresses or other types of dresses to accentuate the beauty of this necklace. It is suitable for ladies to wear on different occasions. It is a perfect gift for ladies because of its delicate design. Moreover, it is popular with customers.

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How about green earrings? The round glass earrings are beautiful. It is suitable to wear on most occasions. To be honest, you will be attracted by the exquisite design. I have to say that you will love this kind of green earrings.

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Green is one of the attractive colors. And here is an attractive green bracelet.

 As you can see in the picture, this fashionable diamond bracelet is an excellent product to show your beautiful hands on different occasions you want.

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Here is also a green item. It is a stylish and elegant ladies handbag with lychee texture, the metal buckle, and a furry pendant. It has massive space with lots of zips so that it is good for you to make good use of it to carry your ID cards, mobile phone, cosmetics, and other things. Thus, you don't need to worry about your handbag is too small to carry your belongings. 

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All of these are beautiful and popular green items for you and they are cheap and fine. I hope that you will love them.

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