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There is a kind of beauty, only "touch" can feel.

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When did we start to habitually ignore the "tactile" thing? In the age of social networking, most of our observations about a piece of clothing or a bag stem from the visual presentation of the picture, and plusing the filter seems to be good looking is the first criterion. However, there are some tailoring and beauty in the design. Only by seeing it with your own eyes, if you touch it yourself, you will be able to appreciate the "different" beauty that belongs to it.

We are always discussing one thing: I hope to buy a dress that can be worn for a long time, a bag that has been used for a long time, and it will still be out of date after 20 years. To do this, the premise must be that the texture is good enough.

Even if there is no logo, a good-looking object can see its value through its luster and touch.

You don't need the processing of "Meitu software" and "filter". When you see their original pictures, you will also want to go to the store to see the real thing, "touch it" and feel it.

The same is true of a brand. It never marks the logo on its own shoes and bags. With its unique craftsmanship and high-quality texture for more than 50 years, it has captured a group of tasteful people.

It is Bottega Veneta, synonymous with the “invisible luxury”. Last summer, Bottega Veneta welcomed Daniel Lee, the new creative director. We saw that this classic brand with more than 50 years of history has become more in line with the current young aesthetic.

His 2019 spring and summer series with photographer Tyrone Lebon reflects his own aesthetics. The photo depicts an intimacy and a highly restored realism and is one of the most acclaimed blockbusters of the season.

Although he didn't take long after he took office, he already has an IT Bag. For example, the following Pouch clutch designed by Daniel Lee~

And this The Maxi Cabat handbag has been included in the Dream List by many girls.

Bottega Veneta's "luxury" needs to be personally experienced.

In fact, since Bottega Veneta was founded, it insisted on not printing logo on the bag. It can be seen how confident you are in your own product. Why is it such a sigh?

01  "luxury" brought by good texture

Made in Italy to a certain extent represents good quality. Bottega Veneta, founded in 1966 in Vicenza, Italy, also has very high quality requirements. The classic Cabat woven bag has been red for more than a decade, which proves the durability and classicness of Bottega Veneta's good texture. The Maxi Cabat handbag mentioned above is born out of this.

At the beginning of the establishment, Bottega Veneta was not a very famous brand. With the intrecciato weaving process and the good reputation of cowhide texture, it attracted the hearts of those who enjoyed the upper class. According to legend, Mrs. Kennedy, Jacqueline, loves Bottega Veneta.

After that, the brand launched the “invisible luxury” slogan, not printing the logo on the product, only focusing on the texture of the classic weave,and the product sells very well. The reason is simple, because the person who knows understands that you have a good taste and use a good brand. Today, creative director Lee insists that “we discuss ways to keep fashion away from the street and return to elegance.”

In the 2019 early autumn series, this quiet beauty is fully reflected in the bearing of good materials. His use of leather is not only in the famous woven bags, but also in the windbreaker by Daniel Lee.

Even if it's not a leather suit, it has a texture of fine imitation wool. The material is fine, reflecting light luster, and the weight of good materials.

On the newly launched handbags, you can also feel the smooth luster of high-grade cowhide.

Beige woven leather high heels do not have a touch of variegated color. Light-colored leather tends to have higher requirements on texture, and growth and dyeing can not appear, so the leather used by Bottega Veneta is one of the best.

02 Advanced craft bring the delicate sense of exquisiteness

he aforementioned Intrecciato weaving process is actually the most important logo of Bottega Veneta. As long as you see the woven pattern, the three-dimensional, fine details of the bag, no doubt, it must be from Bottega Veneta.

Bottega Veneta focuses on this traditional craft and sets up the branding workshop in a renovated villa in Montebello Vicentino, Veneto. There, the art and Intrecciato weaving process continued.

The Intrecciato weaving process weaves the product onto custom-made square timber. First, the punching position should be drawn according to the drawings of each type of package.

Then start cutting the leather and carefully cut each trimmed strip through the tool to level it.

After weaving each leather surface, they all need to be measured to determine whether the thickness of the weave is consistent, so that at a glance, the details are high-quality perfect.

Then after a lot of hand sewing, edge banding and re-coloring, a complete Bottega Veneta bag was born.

The new design director Daniel Lee designed the bag to become younger and more modern by increasing the width of the woven plaid.

 03 Good taste brought by artistic sense

The three-dimensional weave pattern presents a unique three-dimensional effect. In the 1960s, Bottega Veneta stood out from the bag brand.

Pop art master Andy Warhol also indulged in the woven glamour of Bottega Veneta, personally picked gifts at the New York store and filmed an art short film for the brand.

In addition to inviting painting artists, in 2013, the brand also invited a group of international dance artists to wear their own ready-to-wear and appear in the advertisement.

Also edited a book called Bottega Veneta Art of Collaboration.

There are art advertisements that have been worked with different photographers~

Therefore, Bottega Veneta has always had an "art complex" for a long time, which is not only limited to clothing bags, but also to home, etc. The overall design of the boutique is also very good.

Creative Director Daniel Lee also has a passion for art. On his design inspiration board, the artist works are pasted. The design of the 2019 Early Autumn collection was inspired by the work of Ellsworth Kelly.

On the trousers, windbreaker, and The Maxi Cabat in the early autumn and spring and winter collections of 2019, Daniel Lee's magnifying effect on Ellsworth Kelly can be seen.

Your "luxury" wardrobe needs a Bottega Veneta

What kind of person are you, the first thing you know when you open your closet. Therefore, we often say that the wardrobe needs to be "added to stay", not only to make better use of the wardrobe space, but also to let you regularly review your "clothing". In fact, after a few advanced steps, you will find...

01  Compared to the style, it is more worthwhile to pay for a good material.

The same is to buy and buy, and wherever people spend their money, the difference is very large. Popular styles may soon be out of season, but good materials, whether they look or feel, are really different.

For example, the smooth luster of the satin material, as well as the soft touch, is easily linked to the sense of quality.

A high-grade sweater and a rough-skinned sweater, you are most comfortable with your body. Good texture, whether it is single or stacked, can add color to you.

In cold weather, a cashmere or woolen coat is a must, and it is also very warm and temperament.

Cortex products should also have a good texture. There is no calfskin with small growth ribs and small pores, or delicate and soft sheepskin. It is not too exaggerated, and it also has a low-key luxury.

02  Choosing the right color is as important as matching the match

Choosing the right texture, picking the right style, matching the high-level feeling is not enough, maybe the color is not selected. No matter when, a white is always a mistake. Although the whole body is easy to be fat, you can make the white layer more layered by playing with the material stitching, and you can selectively avoid the key thinness.

In addition to the whole body white, the most basic color system (earth color, navy blue, black and white ash, etc.) is the easiest to wear.

The smarter way to match is to match the basic color with bright bags or bright shoes, while maintaining the texture and highlights.

You can also try to use bright color clothing with basic color shoes. At this time, the fabric and tailoring of the clothes need to be as clean and neat as possible.

03  You should have a good bag.

In a good closet, there must be a good bag. Especially for the current girl, there are a lot of must-have items, and a big bag that looks good and looks good.

The simple big bag, with the same simple clothes, looks very restrained and very capable.

Of course, you also have to have a small bag. On important occasions, you only need to put in red and mobile phones.

In addition to the shape of the night, the tough material of the metal, the bright color, the soft touch of the hand bag, you also need one in your closet.

04  People who make good use of accessories, taste is not bad

The bag has a finishing touch on the outfit, and the accessories are the same. If you are wearing simple clothes, or a simple ponytail, a pair of gold earrings, instantly let the whole person improve the temperament.

Regardless of size, round earrings are popular in these seasons. Choosing gold is more beautiful for Asian warm skin.

When it comes to accessories, the first reaction is earring necklaces, but in fact the belt is the most easily overlooked. These seasons of good-looking belts have added features in the waist, not only can modify the proportion, but also very easy to use accessories.

This quiet, sophisticated and stylish piece fills every season of Bottega Veneta. This is the “luxury” wardrobe that Daniel wants to give to women, let you wear it, feel it, touch it and experience the brand's freedom and enjoy the "comfort and freedom" ~


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