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How do girls dress for nightclubs?

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Summer is a great season to release inner restlessness when college students are on an exciting summer vacation, senior high school kids come to a peak of their life after the college entrance examination and junior high school students also usher in a short happy time. And for the poor office workers, they really need some stimulation to release their emotions.

Therefore, “drinking the strongest alcohol, dancing the wildest disco” has become a slogan of thousands of young people.

But how do you guys dress for clubbing?

For the majority of female friends, I’ve collected a lot of information from various channels plus my personal “clubbing experiences”, and organized the comprehensive strategy including makeup, dressing, and accessories.

May you become the most fashionable girl in the club!

Part 1 makeup

Golden things are very showy in the dark environment especially in the club with gloomy lights. So I suggest you take a golden color and the basic tune of eye makeup.

This 9-color eyeshadow kit is great for clubbing or party. And it’s also suitable for daily use.

Eye makeup in earthy colors would make your eyes deep and large.

This eyeshadow covers almost all of the color codes and it’s perfect to make smoky eyes.

It has both matte and pearly-luster color codes, making it worthy to buy one.


# Eyebrow Powder Palette Kit With Soft Brush and Mirror

Plus this easily carry-on eyebrow powder palette, you can refine the makeup in time. We all know that dancing in the club is extremely easy to sweat.

And it can also deepen the eye makeup.

# mascara

Rich Makeup Eyelash Mascara

It is indispensable to have thick eyelashes while having fun in the bars.

You know the feeling of having deep eyes that are partly hidden and partly visible under the dim light. It’s high time you shimmered with charm.


# 3D Black Waterproof Lengthening Curling Eye Lashes Mascara

A waterproof mascara seems very practical in the situation. Lasting makeup can even keep you alive.

# waterproof lipstick  # how to make lip gloss

People say that lipstick is the soul of makeup. Girls' obsession with lipstick is beyond the imagination of boys.

So you may need to spend more time and energy on lipstick.


Look at the color codes below, it seems like a golden girl is coming to you!

Dark red lipstick is recommended while you are going to have a party or clubs, which makes you have super sexy lips.

Oh my god! These bling lipsticks are so beautiful.

Buy it!


This lipstick, which resembles a small red wine bottle, is tailored for a club night.


The appearance of wigs saves people a lot of trouble.

Because it is bound to take a lot of time and energy to make their own models, it may be wise to prepare a few wig models, at any time to deal with various scenes.

Take care of your wigs. Be careful and don’t drop your wigs.

If that happens, unfortunately, that could be really awkward.


This black one is suitable to wear in any bars.

This one is also nice.


At last, you may need some little decoration to make you more perfect.

Women who pay attention to details will not be bad in luck with men.

Part 2: Outlook


# sequined jumpsuit

The club is dimly lit, so the core of dressing is "bright". In the dark mass of crowded people, the sequined clothing will bring eye-catching effect, making you instantly become the brightest person in the crowd!

Large V collar design, shows the charming clavicle line, beautiful neck curve.

Fluffy bat long sleeve, cuff tightening, both show casual style.

Sequined fabric, and sparkling personality

 Jumpsuit style, all shows agile posture.

The fabric is soft and comfortable to wear.

This jumpsuit is high in my favor. It looks sexy, and won’t restrain your restless body at the same time.

I have prepared for you the Bow-tie irregular striped women's blouses.

The bow decoration on the chest shows your individual and fashionable style.

 The loose cuffs and short version, show your fascinating figure.

 The fabric is delicate, smooth and comfortable to wear.

The black one is classic.

The blue one is elegant.

The loose and long sleeve is comfortable and easy to wear.

 The cuff is tight, showing your neat posture.

Loose, tight and short design, very fashionable.



With the help of a sexy top, it's appropriate to wear simple high-waist denim shorts on the lower body.

High-waist jeans can lengthen the waistline and improve body proportion.

When thinking about how to dress better, you truly need to choose according to your personal preferences. If you want a cool style, you can choose jeans with tie elements. If you want to be sexy, you can choose tight jeans with low waist and bare belly buttons.

You can also wear bell jeans or broad-legged jeans.

Besides, you can also choose pants with the element of night light since reflective elements would add a sense of jump for the whole black pants, and also highlight the "bright" as a core element.



You’d better have a coat in the nightclub to prevent catching a cold. Considering that some tops may be too exposed to wear, this coat is suitable to take one, with its simple and practical design. It is easy matching and even can be used as a scarf, and waistband decoration.

Casual big lapel design, individual character, chic and fashionable.


In short, free attitude is the essence of dressing.


The shoes have a wide range of choices. It is recommended to wear comfortable flat such as canvas shoes or Tod’s, which are both easy to match and beautiful.

 Try not to wear high-heeled shoes. Although the feeling of swaying on the dance floor is wonderful, the nightclubs are crowded with people, and the music is very high. I'm afraid it's also a kind of torture to your feet.

Even if you want to wear high-heeled shoes, it is better to bare your heels, which will reduce the damage to your feet.

And it must be comfortable!

The small, pointed, shallow mouth type stretches your legs on the vision, making your legs look more slender and straight.

The heel is designed to an appropriate height, reducing the pain of wearing high heels. The fashionable high heels are stylish and beautiful, whose elegant and detailed heel makes women look more luxurious.



To wear fluorescent glasses, the neon effect is super cool, sticking on the head to make accessories “flash” the whole bar. Let your loverboy find you in the crowd!


Do you still remember Leon’s girl who likes to wear a choker? That is really classic.

Grey chokers are doing perfectly in this situation.

It brings joviality but is never flighty.

Try this one. Look more young and fashionable.


# earrings


How can a girl who wants to be a party girl lose a pair of round earrings? It's just a nightclub standard configuration.

Instantly get the presence that makes others feel like you are unapproachable.

It is not very exaggerated with the function of modifying the face.

The earrings with the pendant are also suitable for nightclubs. Remember to choose larger and brighter ones.

This kind of bag looks very unique. It's a younger style with good capacity.  It's in harmony with night activities.

And its unique and trendy airbrush pattern shows an elegant charm.

The choice of bags should be based on the color and material of the clothes.


# lace bag # square bag


Take convenience into consideration.

 At this time, a small bag with a chain is a good choice, and you will not feel tired carrying it.

You can often see in the club that many girls dance with the bag directly. A small and light bag is a good choice.

The concise bag with lace and embroidery, whose color is pure and fashionable, Provides a feeling of youthful vitality.

The urban trend of this small square bag makes it casual, versatile, concise, and stylish。


Words in the end:


Clubbing is not as wide as we think that way. It is just a way of relaxation and entertainment. After clubbing, we will return to our original life. We still get up early to eat and catch the bus to work.

Life is still going on in an orderly way, and my heart is not disturbed by it.


Clubbing is not an overdraft of oneself, but a condiment in dull life.


Finally, may you have a wonderful nightclub time

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