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How to identify Chanel lipstick

Posted by kate 02/08/2019 0 Comment(s) Branding,

Chanel lipstick, as one kind of big brand, was loved by most women.

But there are many high copy lipsticks which cheat broad consumers so it is important to know how to identify the truth and fake of Chanel lipstick.

First: look at the packaging. Chanel as a major brand in the fashion trend, its packaging looks more delicate and beautiful, the carton material is relatively tough, the seal is close to fit, while fake Chanel packaging material is poor, the seal is not closed.

Second: look at the top of the double C logo. The mark of Chanel is double C mark which has obviously concave and convex feeling, and because fake ones are to use different material to make, so it does not have the concave and convex sense.

Three: look at the length of lipstick. Compare real Chanel lipstick with fake Chanel lipstick, and you will find that the length of real Chanel lipstick is much shorter than the fake lipstick, and the lower corner area looks rough, not as smooth as expected.

Four: look at the weight. Generally speaking, the real Chanel lipstick is slightly heavier than the fake one, because the fake Chanel lipstick is cost-saving, so its packaging material will definitely not use the high-quality material, which is why its texture and weight are not as good as the real one.


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