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It's the necklace to be popular with people

Posted by alice 20/07/2019 0 Comment(s) Branding, New Products,

Are you still struggling with what kinds of necklaces to wear when you go out? I would like to introduce another necklace that would be popular with a lot of people. It's this big gold chain.▼

To be honest,more and more people would like to choose this kind of necklace to wear. You could look at these people who wear this big gold chain.

Fashion director Pernille Teisbæk▼

Russian socialite Elena Perminova▼

Supermodel Doutzen Kroes▼

German stylist Beatrice Gutu▼

In fact, the big gold chain has not been popular in recent years, the 90's Chanel show has shown this element.▼


The great gold chain is called the chain necklace because it is too much like a chain that locks a bicycle or a door. There are a lot of improved versions of chain necklaces, including a whole big gold chain and a pendant-style chain. There are a variety of choices to wear.▼


I would like to introduce this kind of gold chain thoroughly in this passage. You may fall in love with this kind of necklace after reading this passage.

Why the big gold chain is popular with people again?

This is the impression when most people think of the gold chain.▼

It's time for a change. As a matter of fact, the key to the gold chain still depends on the way of wearing it. If you worry that it is too grandiose, you could choose a little bit smaller one.▼

The distinguished design of the big gold chain is concise. What’s more, its biggest advantage is that no matter what clothes to wear, it could give you a sense of cool feeling. Even If you match it with cute clothes, you could keep a cool attitude.▼

Compared to the ordinary gold necklace, the big gold chain is thicker and the gold area is larger. What’s more, the presence of the big gold chain will be much stronger. On the contrary, the thin necklace on the left may give you a gentle feeling.▼

Big gold chains are also good for folding wearing. You can match it with your favorite coin necklaces. In addition, you could wear folding gold chains with a simple black suit.▼

We often wear clothes with a big neckline, especially the clothes of the traditional old-aged European style. If you only wear the clavicle chain, it could appear a feeling of monotony. On the contrary, if you wear the gold chain with the clavicle necklace, you could get an eclectic sense.▼

The most significant need for the big gold chain is that even if you wear basic clothes, you could notice the big gold chain obviously. What’s more, the gold necklace can be seen from a distance. In addition, this necklace makes your clothes look not monotonous.▼


In a nutshell, there are a lot of good reasons to buy a big gold chain.


What kinds of clothes to wear when you have a gold chain?

How to buy clothes when you have a big gold chain?

The answers to these questions are various.

It's especially good with white clothes. We could wear white T-shirts, shirts, and vests when we wear gold necklaces. The golden color also adds a special element to white clothes.▼



Knitwear is especially suitable for soft materials. Hard materials match with soft materials which just have the right balance.▼

We also could wear this kind of gold chain in autumn and winter. The gold chain could be used in different seasons.▼


A lot of people may find it easy to look serious and professional in a shirt or a suit. A big gold chain will solve this issue. Various basic and professional clothes can be worn with a gold chain in a cool feeling.▼


However, there are clothes that don't fit in the gold chain, such as rich printing pattern clothes.▼

The big gold chain is also very suitable for wearing together with a thin necklace. But there are also some small things to notice when you wear two necklaces. The most significant key is to highlight the primary necklace. What’s more, large gold chains without pendants could also work well with pendant necklaces, like coin necklaces and alphabet necklaces.▼


If you have a long gold chain, you could also wrap it around to wear.▼

How to choose the most fashionable gold chain?

First and foremost, the thickness of the chain is important. The gold chain which is too thin is not conspicuous. On the contrary, the gold chain which is too thick is like the real bike chain. And it is not normal. The middle thickness of the image below is appropriate.▼

In addition, the length of the gold chain is another key element when you choose to buy it. Actually, the most appropriate length of the gold chain is like a regular necklace. The best position of the gold chain is below the clavicle and above the chest.▼

What’s more, a lot of people will ignore the necklace color. The traditional big gold chain color is golden. But the best choice of the gold chain color is the low saturation of the dark gold. You could look at the following pictures to compare differences.▼

Last but not least, the design of the big gold chain with the middle gaps looks better. If the big gold chain doesn’t have gaps, it will not stretch enough. Let's look at some pictures to compare some differences.▼

Here are some introductions about the big gold chain. Do you like this kind of necklace?

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