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Plus Size 1920s Dress

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Summer is quite a fantastic season to show ladies’ exquisite figures. If you want to stand out among crowds of people and leave a favorable impression, here are some popular dresses for you.


White Lace Maternity Dress with Three-quarter Sleeves

When one sees it, many beautiful words like graceful, perfect curve and gorgeous will call to mind.

This dress is made of polyester fiber, which has higher strength and elastic recovery ability, so the dress is so firm and durable, wrinkle-resistant. When designing, the designer used some popular elements, such as pattern stitching, embroidery and hollowing out. Among the three elements, embroidery is the biggest highlight, which makes the dress more elegant and delicate. Of course, pattern stitching and hollowing out are also well-designed. The former one is funny, and the latter is sexy.

What’s more, the dress is a round collar, which makes one feel comfortable. The waist is designed, so the perfect curve is showed smoothly. The lower half of the dress is “A-line" that is with a small waist and large hem. “A”-line skirt can hide the thick legs and, at the same time, make the whole person look more elegant and mature, showing the loveable womanliness.

The dress’ color is simple and just one tonal and this kind of dress has three colors for consumers to choose, including white, blue and gray. Every color has its features. The white one looks pure, kind-hearted, and dreamlike. When wearing it, the girl just likes an angel. The blue one is intelligent, enthusiastic and firm, which is suitable for office workers. Finally, the gray one means sincere, calm, and earnest. When one takes part in some formal occasions, the gray one can be taken into consideration.

Each of the three dresses has its own style and just choosing it just you like. Let it be the icing on the cake rather than the unnecessary feet of the snake.

Three-dimensional tailoring, joint shoulder, fit cuff, and closed waist, all of which show the perfect curve, being comfortable and decent.


High Low Lace Dress

It is an irregular long dress suitable for ladies of 25-29 years old, with a flounce at the hem and printed design showing youthfulness and exuberant vitality, and also a full-skirted dress with a V-shaped collar and elbow sleeve contributing to elegance and femininity.

What’s more, not only will this one-piece dress embellishes a charming lady’s body shape but also brings about youthful skin that is too alluring to resist. Besides, this printed dress getting selected among beautiful girls is a reflection that the fabric of this dress, chiffon fabrics, bears soft texture which makes it possible that the graceful skirt feels comfortable and breathable. On top of that, on different occasions, shopping, vacation or other leisure and recreational ones, this exotic dress helps lady distinguish herself in the crowd.

Apart from these shining points, different colors are offered, such as red, green and blue, which are quite fashionable in summer and serve as a foil to lady’s fair skin. In terms of size, there are M, L, and XL that are all in stock.

As a saying goes: “Apparel makes the man.” It is a plain truth that beautiful and chic clothes are conducive to people’s image and temperament, so is an elegant irregular full-skirted dress. In this summer, why not put on this fancy printed skirt and have a lovely encounter.



Banded Collar Shirt Dress for Elegant and Professional Female

The female white-collar workers in the big city must get up early every morning and bring the sleepiness to face the triviality and countless deadlines. Before the beginning of the busy day, a good mood can lift up their spirit and give them more confidence to meet the challenge ahead. For women, elegant and decent clothing is the best origin of it.

The clothes we highly recommend here is the dress. From the picture below you can see that the dress has a classical color – grey. No matter what is color your skin is, this color will be suitable for you. And no matter how long the time past, the color will never be out of date. And the grey color will make people look more clean and white. And if you accidentally spill a pen on your clothes, it is not easy to be found by others. Only some bright-color ornament such as a blue scarf can match the grey dress well. This is suitable for work and other formal occasions such as banquet parties.

Now let’s come to the details. This dress is made from cotton blended material so it is soft and comfortable. The classic polo collar design makes it easy to bring out the neutral wind. And it is simple and can perfectly decorate the neckline. The waist design is displayed to stand out women’s slim waist. The five-point sleeves can not only block the fleshy arms but also give people a sense of competence. This A-line skirt will make women looks like they have a pair of two long legs. And the collars and cuffs that are stitched in the shirt make it feel that women are wearing two suitable clothes. The delicate and dense prints on the skirts and the grayish shades can leave others the impression that the woman is prudent and careful.

  In a word, this skirt can highlight the competence and elegance of women in the workplace at the same time. Your wardrobe needs such a dress.


Are you excited after seeing these skirts? To get them, you just need to go to our website, and then, a beautiful skirt will fly to your home soon.

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