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Lipstick product evaluation

Posted by emma 29/07/2019 0 Comment(s)

Too much trouble with lipstick and lip balm in your bag? Choose it! Just one will satisfy your double needs! 
A lipstick to be specially introduced today is a color-changing lipstick, which not only has outstanding durability and color rendering power but also is extremely convenient to use.
This lipstick is a color-changing lipstick, which not only moistens your lips but also makes your lips look tender and lovely! Its formula contains Vera extract and other nutrients, and natural plant formula makes lips easier to absorb. The paste is fresh and green.

It contains 99% aloe essence to soothe your dry lips. It is nutritious and moisturized and forms a long-lasting smooth gel layer on the lips. Your mouth is not sticky at all.
 In addition, the added intelligent temperature sensing and color-changing technology can intelligently color the lips according to the temperature of the lips, initially, light and transparent near-lip color will later become a very natural light pink color.
Applying this lipstick presents you with a natural and healthy nude lip color and creates a fake plain look.

It's perfect for a hot summer day!



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