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Don't press this piece of clothing at the bottom, this year is the most fashionable.

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Recently, have you started buying new clothes again?

Before buying new clothes, I sorted out the closet and found that a lot of clothes can be replaced with a new fashion. Those clothes that had been "sleeping for a long time" in the closet, once they have a new match, can't wait to wear it every day, it is more fun than buying new clothes!

Therefore, it is still necessary to tidy up the items in your closet. Today we are going to sort out the matching of this piece - short cardigan. ▼

In the past, we certainly bought long-sleeved shirts, which were slim and fashionable. Although the short cardigan is a must-have item in everyone's wardrobe, it can be worn all year round, but its problems are also very prominent. If you accidentally wear a single grandmother, it is difficult to dress well. But as long as you have a little thought, short cardigans can be versatile and beautiful. ▼

Now let's talk about how to wear a short cardigan that is fashionable and not old-fashioned:

Get rid of old sense, first choose the right one

In the past two years, short cardigans began to resurgence. Not only many brands have been launched, but also more and more fashion lovers. Especially for some French bloggers, there are several pieces for everyone. ▼

Such a round neck short cardigan is quite traditional, especially the slim style, the buttons are buckled, people automatically associate with the round neck small knit worn by the grandmother, carefully selected. ▼

This type of fashion wants to be fashionable, there are two small coups:

First, the choice of looser, will be more lazy. When you wear it, you can also untie the two buttons on the top to create a small V-neck effect. ▼

The second is to choose a thicker thick knit section and carry the retro style to the end. ▼

Many French bloggers really like this retro style. The length is just right at the waist, it is not so heavy. ▼

However, my most recommended is the V-neck, loose-cut thin cardigan. It is very thin to wear and can be used to modify various body types. Looseness seems better. ▼

With a fresh sense, just remember these 6 strokes

Many people think that short cardigans are not easy to wear a good-looking feeling. In fact, there is no mastery of fashion. Put on the short cardigan directly and cover the waistline. It will feel a bit awkward when you look at it.

You can learn the following ways of wearing:

1, plunged in

Wear a short cardigan as a sweater and then tuck it into the bottom. Did you feel like changing clothes? ▼

This is also the reason why I recommend buying thin money, with a larger space. Because the material is thin, it can be stuffed into almost all the bottoms. Use it to match all the high-waist bottoms, can create a high waist line, showing high leg length!

With high-waisted jeans, the effortless little fashion is coming. ▼

If the jeans are ordinary, you can arrange the high-waist wide-leg pants and the gas field is stronger. ▼

The weather is warmer, you can also put on a high-waisted skirt, which can cover the meat on the stomach and show high body. ▼

After the short cardigan is stuffed into the bottom, the original loose style may look a bit close.

The cardigan of the big V neckline is worn alone, and the neck will look a bit empty. It is best to match one or two necklaces, which may be sexy. ▼

Spring is the most suitable season for silk scarves. Cardigans and scarves are also very suitable, and the temperament becomes elegant. ▼

The weather is not warm enough? There are other ways. The short cardigan is tied into the trousers, which is especially suitable for the inside of a loose jacket. ▼

You can also add a piece inside the cardigan. The round neck cardigan can also be worn like this. ▼

The V-neck style can be a bit more arrogant, and it is also very thin after the button is buckled. ▼

Coupled with a necklace embellishment, the degree of sophistication is greatly increased. ▼

2, unlock the buckle

In addition to the short cardigan into the bottom, you can also try another new way: untie the following buttons to wear. The advantage of this is probably to pull up the waistline and create a long-legged effect. There is a sense of inadvertence. ▼

V-neck can also play like this. Bella Hadid wore two short cardigans, all of which were loose, with only one button on the top. ▼

Bella still played too much, like Jeanne Damas or Sabina Socol, tied to a button or two, it is not that dangerous. ▼

3, tie the belt

If the short cardigan is long enough, you can attach a belt after unbuttoning the button. ▼

Like the one below, it is super beautiful. It feels like it came to the elegant 50s. The oversized pearl necklace is also very stealthy. ▼

When using a short cardigan for the inner belt, the belt is also useful. ▼

4, as an inside

The short cardigan is an excellent interior item that can be worn with most of the jackets in the closet. It is highly recommended that this combination of a blazer and a V-neck short cardigan is sexy. ▼

This cardigan on Leandra Medline is the highlight of the entire LOOK. ▼

In addition to blazers, windbreakers and long leather jackets can also be worn with a short knit. If the jacket is too wide and too long, you can use the same color inside. ▼

5, stacking

Use stacking and double the warmth. A more formal blazer, after adding a short cardigan transition, not only keeps warm, but also has a stronger sense of leisure. ▼

The coat is also very suitable. The V-neck design of the short cardigan can also reduce the bloated feeling. The weather is warm and the T-shirt is worn inside. The weather is colder and the inside can be replaced with a small high collar. ▼

The funky stack of two cardigans is very interesting. ▼

You can also try a different one, and the replacement of a regular T-shirt with a high-neck lace piece will be more refined and elegant. ▼

6, tear it off the shoulder

Now the bloggers' favorite trick is to expose one side of the shoulder. Regardless of the item, the short cardigan is pulled down by half of the shoulder and the shape is even more forceful when taking pictures. ▼

When paired with a dress, it is quite feminine. ▼

If you wear a sling piece inside, it is very sexy. ▼

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