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The minimalism style: Black, white and gray!

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Black, white and gray are the major used neutral color. They can be matched with any color to function as the role of harmony and mitigation. In this colorful but sometimes visually fatigue Society, neutral tones give people a sense of eclecticism. 

Nowadays, people show great preference to black, white and gray as they are no more the symbol of solemnity and old fashion. And with the minimalism getting popular, these three colors, black, white and gray, are baking to the fashion stage. 

Almost every fashion insider has tried to use the black, white and gray color to dress.

Although black, white and gray look like a little bit dim and dark, they can extremely show personal temperament and taste if well matched. It is not simple to well dress with these three colors.

So, how to wear personal style with black, white and gray is a lot of learning in it. 

Tops Recommendation

Take a look at the embroidered summer tops blouse with bows.

The printing on it is so cute and attractive. Printing has always been the favorite eye-catching element of the hipsters. It is made in a casual style.  

It is pretty suitable for commuters, casually and fashionably.

Feature: The retro-style represents the hippie culture of the 1970s. Embroidered shirts are popular as retro-style national costumes. 

It is often seen that there are embroidered tops with fluffy sleeves. Puff-sleeve clothes can cover the extra superfluous meat of your arms, which can create a slimming visual effect. The shirt takes well on the female glamour.
It also has no age limitation. 

Suitable collocation: wide-leg pants, skateboard shoes, pleated skirts, mid-length skirts, etc. 

It is a lapel translucent blouse, with embroidered design on the collar and cuff. long sleeve, collar button closure. This blouse has appeared in many fashion street shoots, so it is almost famous clothing. It represents Asian fashion. 

The elegant round collar and horn sleeve design, fully show your femininity. The drooping shoulder line presents a fashionable style with leisure, which is comfortable and easy to wear. Also, it is suitable for multiple age groups.

It can be paired with basic editions pants and basic editions shoes. Especially the black overalls are the perfect match for these summer tops.

The classic V-neck design is very popular this season and can be worn in a variety of variations. To create a classic fashion sense, you only need to have a young heart.

Simple solid color series shape you classic wild, beautiful and generous and never out of date. The tailored fit can modify your body shape, making you handsome and crisp.

The cuffs are trimmed to better prevent the edges from coming off the line. The flat and comfortable hem is ergonomically designed and fits the waistline to create a delicate waist. The lining is soft and delicate, with excellent workmanship and excellent elasticity. 

We have prepared for you the Bow-tie irregular striped blouses. The large V collar design shows your charming clavicle line and beautiful neck curve. The bow decoration on the chest shows your individual and fashionable style. The loose cuffs and short version, show your fascinating figure. 

Small high collar design, simple and fashionable. Fluffy sleeve, tightened cuff, both show your neat figure. The ribbed knitting is leisure and free.

The puff-sleeve top with irregular hem. The large round collar design shows the charming clavicle line and beautiful neck curve. The Puff sleeve design is lovely and stylish. Short front and long back designs are very versatile.  

Pretty simple and sweet. 

Sketchy Skirt 

The large size loose dress is a dress that you never want to miss it. It is lightweight soft and stretchy. The contrast design is attractive. The elaborate cutting is adorable for many people. The stitching is so cute. Contrast has always been the favorite eye-catching element of the hipsters. 

It is suitable for a match jacket and boots. Also, it is versatile and unique.

Beaded diamond decoration, playful and smart, plus lattice shape, add extra points for street fashion. The pleated bow at the waist has a unique style, which can be used to decorate the waistline and highlight the style. Just the right knee length, stretch the body proportions, create a new style of tall out of the street.

Every woman's wardrobe should have a skirt that makes herself sexy and elegant. It can be used as a nightdress, or it can be worn directly, dating or meeting with friends.


The Loose sweater long cardigan dressy casual is indispensable for any female. It was printed in contrasting colors which is a classic design. It takes on a more casual style, with high-quality arctic velvet. The length is about to the knees. And the thickness is moderate which is pretty suitable for the autumn. It is cozy and chic.  The flower gray can be used to light up the skin.  

Recommendation for accessories 

Wanna wear black, white and gray with exquisite feeling? You have to pay much attention to accessories and details. 

It is the perfect gift for the greatest woman. An eternal design, the necklace is dedicated to the most memorable love in life.
This silver-tone flower elements set is exquisite and elegant. This jewelry set is an ideal gift for your loved ones. It expresses your love to them. It is also a good choice for engagement or wedding jewelry, which is endowed with special significance.

Try to choose simple decorations, which will be better to fit the neutral color.
It is very easy for you to choose accessories with neutral-colored clothes.

In the End

People said that you will never be wrong to dress in black, white and gray color because it seems like they are suitable for all kinds of occasion. 

So having your simple black-white-gray mix will keep you away from the worries of many dress choices.


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