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plus size renaissance dress

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plus size renaissance dress

Fashion is cyclical. The popular style of the 1950s and 1960s has become a new fashion now. It even formed a unique style called renaissance style. Today, let’s have a look at the renaissance dress, which can make you be an attractive flapper girl.

Plus Size Wrap Party Dress

  Do you like going to parties? Do you really know how to dress appropriately and elegantly at parties? And do you sometimes have difficulties in making some kinds of tough choice about selecting an item of proper clothing before parties? Do not worry if your answer is "yes". Here comes a piece of good news and we have picked out one of the perfect dress for you. Trustworthily, it is definitely one in millIon.

  First of all, the most attracting part is the cross v-neck design which can not only make you look more energetic by elongating the neck curve but also radiate with glamour and charm by revealing chest a little bit. Then, there is partial fold at the right side of the waist and irregular design in front of the dress that shows off your stunning body shape absolutely. What's more, the length of this skirt is not so long and shows long leg temptation. The whole dress looks elegant and sexy but not too flamboyant, therefore, it is also suitable for professional females and daily appointments.

   It's this dress that is unmissable and you can get what you pay for related to its design, way of tailoring and material that meet your requirements of comfortable sensation. There are four different colors containing blue, silver, purple and gold. And we have four different sizes S, M, L, and XL for you to choose. Besides, we provide free global delivery service to all the beautiful ladies and gentlemen who want to buy the dress for girlfriend or wife in North America, Europe, Australia and partial areas in Asia, South America and Africa.

   How can a girl who loves beauty not have such a dress? How can a girl at the party be charming without this one? This little dress will make you like a big star in everywhere. Come on and get one!


 V-neck knitted dress purple in plus size

Purple is a popular color this year, and it has always been a very fashionable color. This dress style is unique and retro, V-neck and skirt are retroelements.

The year’s popular V-neck knitted garment which goes with the tulle skirt will look more fashionable. The deep V collar will trim your neckline, making your neck look longer and as beautiful as a swan neck.

On the one hand, the black knitted sweater is designed in a waist-tight style, this kind of design can better reflect your slim figure and will show your perfect body. On the other hand, black symbolizes cool and mysterious, when you put it on, this dress will give others a mature beauty, showing your temperament entirely.

The lower half of the dress is fitted with a causal and cute A-shaped skirt. The skirt is made of tulle, it gives people a sense of lightness and elegance.

The collocation of black knitted sweater and tulle skirt is a sexy and lovely combination, style is not monotonous, not too mature, nor too sweet and lovely.

There is absolutely no need to worry about whether it fits your style or where it fits, it is suitable for your daily wear and anyone can easily hold it. The clothes go well with all kinds of shoes.

But here we would like to advise you that you’d better choose high-heeled sandals, it matches the overall effect of the clothes better. Women in the workplace can also choose black heels, especially to show noble temperament.


 Polka Dot peplum dress in plus size

This Polka Dot peplum dress, as a whole, has national characteristics and exotic style. Firstly, the design of broken flowers is very characteristic of ethnic minorities. The skirt was dyed and printed. Popular elements: lace, printing. The skirt was laced and printed with fashionable elements.

The waist is decorated with bows. You can tie it at the front or back.

And It shows the national culture of China. Secondly, the V-collar design is simple and generous, making the elegant goddess more attractive, and highlighting the sexiness of women. Thirdly, drawing rope also uses ethnic costumes that are suitable for clothes. And it's more innovative, not to take a rope at the waist.
Furthermore, the long sleeve design is more solemn. The loose design shows that girls are generous. The waist can be relaxed or fitted to the waist. Short skirts are designed with long legs and thin skirts.

The skirt type is an A-shaped skirt. The skirt is suitable for traveling. It can also be worn in summer. Above all, the material of clothes is cool and comfortable, which will make you feel very comfortable. That is because it uses cotton blends and is made of 51% - 70% polyester fibers (polyester).

There are four different colors. White is elegant, red is sexy and passionate, green and sapphire are fresh. What are you waiting for? Choose the color which you like quickly.

These renaissance dresses are so beautiful that you can not miss them. Come here, girl! Buy your favorite dress!

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