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Buy a new pair of shoes to welcome the spring

Posted by amy 17/03/2019 0 Comment(s) Model,

The weather is getting warmer, the spring is coming, and I feel like my mood is getting brighter.

It's time to talk about spring clothes! The first spring outfit wants to start with shoes, because shoes are the key to defining style.

Which pair of first spring shoes to buy? My idea is to be bold, buy spring colors, pink, yellow, blue...

If you prefer neutral colors such as black and white gray denim, you need to have a pair of spring-colored shoes.

These colorful shoes can also play against other color items.

Many people don't like these colorful shoes. One feels exaggerated, and the other is worried that it will be black. In fact, as long as you choose the style of saturation and shoes, their utilization rate will be much higher than you think.


No matter which season, are you all resistant to pink? Pink is also a color that comes with spring.

The pink is the favorite dry rose pink, romantic to make people feel heart.

Single product recommendation

Pointed bow shallows flats     $75.00

Casual patent leather bow cake shoe    $70.00

Metal buckle patent leather pumps        $70.00

Hairball suede high heels   $75.00


Compared to pink, the relationship between blue and spring is less obvious. But look closely, the light blue with a little gray tone has a kind of beauty, is it very good with the rainy days of spring?

This light blue shoe is soft and soft, with the same gentle pink, not too sweet.

It also shines with the same color. KK wears a gray-blue color, which makes people shine. Her pair is Ralph Lauren 2019 early spring series.

Single product recommendation

Polka Dot Bow Flats    $70.00

Gradient sequins slimming high heels     $75.00


When it comes to yellow, many people may think of autumn. In fact, yellow is also the color of spring. After all, the spring flower is yellow.

The choice of feet Baixing people will be even bigger, light yellow shoes can be considered, a little more fresh.

Single product recommendation

Rhinestone bow point flats   $70.00

2019 new thin belt hollow high heels   $73.00


Although the white shoes are not in the color system, how can you get a pair of white shoes in the spring?

The white is cool and fashionable, and it belongs to the universal color. With spring, it can basically get all the matches. Little white shoes have been the mainstream for many years.

Single product recommendation

One word open toe sandals   $55.00

Feather hollow sandals    $65.00

Striped bow shallow heels    $75.00

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