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T-shirts are often worn in new ways

Posted by alice 16/07/2019 0 Comment(s) Branding, New Products,

My first choice is T-shirt when I don't know what to wear. We add a pair of jeans or denim shorts to our T-shirts and we are ready to go. This lazy combo is really practical, no matter what style of T-shirt we wear it with.

But what if you get tired of wearing a T-shirt and jeans every day? Open your wardrobe today to find out how to put on a T-shirt in a different way.

T - shirts mix with non-casual pieces, to create different styles.

T-shirts+ Work pants

T-shirts with jeans can create a casual style.If you like a T-shirt and want a change of the style, you can first change a pair of pants, such as more formal work pants, trousers and khaki pants .

Pants with general suits' shape are straight tube or conical. This kind of dress makes one look very capable. And it also does not have any problems even if you wear to work in the work places.

You could choose a cropped jeans to show off your ankles.

In addition to suit pants, a pair of khaki pants is also a better choice.

Suit shorts with a T-shirt could make you look younger.The a-shaped and the pear-shaped figure with thick thighs can also be controlled.

T-shirt + Floral skirts

You may not wear pants in the summer, but you must have a skirt to dress up.T-shirts with floral skirts are quite summery.A white T-shirt may look more refreshing in this situation.

A short floral dress can also be worn with a T-shirt, which makes you look more youthful. 

T-shirt + Grandiose skirts (silk skirts, gauze skirts, sequin skirts, etc.)

Silk skirts are also the trend of fashion.It is no longer only for red carpets, parties and other important occasions.You can see it in our daily lives. The sexy silk skirt has a casual feel with a T-shirt.

Like silk skirts, we usually wear sequin skirts that always look too dazzling .But with the balance of T-shirts, we will have a better sense.

The romantic gentle skirt is also very suitable for summer. The shoes should not be too formal, and the casual canvas shoes just match the T-shirt style.

T-shirts can also match with a variety of items.

T-shirts + Sexy camisoles

Choose a camisole with a strong sense of design, and let the plain T-shirt shine at once. This kind of combination is more suitable for love hipsters. 

T-shirts + Shirts

Many people wear T-shirts and add a shirt in summer.This kind of dress not only protects you from the sun, but also adds a sense of fashion.

T-shirt + Tight sun protection clothing

There is still a trend this year. Have you ever noticed that female stars in China are very fond of wearing tight-fitting sun protection clothing.


There are some small tips to make your T-shirts more fashionable.

If you just like wearing T-shirts with ordinary jeans, you can use some small tips to make you look more fashionable.

Make a knot

This tip is not only used for jeans, but also used for other skirts.

Pull down the shoulders of the T-shirts

If the neckline of the T-shirt is too large, you can also pull it down to one side.

Roll the sleeves

If the knots are more common,then the details of the sleeves are often ignored. If you want the T-shirts better, you can try to roll up the sleeves. Don't underestimate this volume.It can not only increase the feeling of casualness, but also make your arms look longer.

Accessories are also important

Just a few accessories can wake up an entire wardrobe. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, belts and bags can add various elements to a simple T-shirt.

Here are various ways to wear T-shirts. Have you found any other special ways to wear T-shirts? Please share them with me.




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