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Teenage feeling

Posted by amber 19/08/2019 0 Comment(s) Accessories,

Many places have been screened by the word "girlish", boasting a female star to praise women, and the girl like feeling has become the highest praise.  It is more like a temperament, irrespective of age, always fascinating.


 How can you have a girly feeling, start with wearing?


Many times, the sense of girlhood and sweetness of children are inseparable. The rich colors seem to always reflect the dreams of girls.


Bright yellow, water pink, light color to know more energy and youthful atmosphere, full of youthful colors will bring you vitality and age-reduction, you do not put on a touch of bright colors?


The goose-yellow jacket is paired with a white T-shirt, a black bag with a shoulder and a versatile black bag, and a cute high-ball head, which immediately turns into a warm, warm sun.


Of course, sports shoes are also the favorite items for girls on campus. They are invincible in minutes, and they can be matched with any clothes.


If you don't like the bib, try the strap dress.  Whether it is a bright color style or a simple denim model, wearing a strap dress, and a white shirt, even a girl wearing glasses will become literary and cute.  Want to become a girl, definitely not a dream~


Super cute heart decoration is also an essential accessory.  For example, the popular yellow hat, the "real version" of the binary ball, is really cute, and very foreign, a hat that doesn't pick people!


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