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The sweaters are not the more the better and these four sweaters are just needed.

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No matter what jacket you wear, it’s essential to wear a sweater. I believe you have bought a lot, and the sweater in my closet is twenty or thirty.

However, will you open the closet every day and find that there are many sweaters, but when you want to match, it seems that there are always less 1, 2, 3, and 4 pieces? Well, it must not be me alone.

I thought about it. This may be because we bought more, but due to we didn't plan, we always buy duplicate styles. For example, I like oversize sweaters,and most of them are this one. There are not a few other slim sweaters.

Therefore, I repeatedly screened and selected the four sweaters that must be used in winter. With them, basically you can meet all the needs of winter.

turtleneck sweater

The necessary reason is that you can do all the clothes inside, keep warm value is high.

The turtleneck sweater is really versatile, and it also has a warmth function. You most have one. ▼

No matter what jacket, thick or thin, wide or narrow, do not know what to wear inside, turtleneck sweater is the first choice.It can keep warm and not can be wrong. ▼

Nowadays, the most popular turtleneck sweater is worn by wearing it in a shirt and then putting on a jacket. This not only used the shirt in the closet, but also played the role of breaking the dullness and increasing the layering.

Most fashion people like to open a few buttons, even under the chest, it looks more casual. ▼

More importantly, this stacking method is especially suitable for students who wear a high-necked collar and become fat and strong.Because the open V-neckline of the shirt is a good way to modify the face and neck. Mom is no longer worried that you can't wear a turtleneck sweater. ▼

The choice of shirts can also be varied, according to your own preferences. If it is a black high collar,general choice the blue shirts. Miss Chung wore a blue striped shirt and made the fake fur coat look less noble. ▼

Boldly try it out, in addition to the ordinary shirt style, this V-neck shirt is also very suitable for wearing in the middle. ▼

The turtleneck sweater is also very suitable for wearing in a hooded sweater. This combination is also possible to hold all the jackets. ▼

In a friend who wears a down jacket, it can also be used in this way. Pay attention to the lower body and choose a tighter trousers, so it doesn't look so swollen. ▼

It’s nice to change your trousers into a skirt. ▼

In the same way, the round neck sweater and sweater are the same stack. ▼

Summer dresses are recommended for winter wear, and turtleneck sweaters can help you. The big V-neck skirt is perfect for this. ▼

Remember, the turtleneck sweater I'm talking about here is a tight fit, so you can wear it into any clothes. This looks good looks, but it's a bit too loose. ▼

High-necked sweaters are preferred in black and white, black is thin and white is more refreshing. Can be decorated with a necklace, simple and not monotonous. ▼

After you have prepared the base color, consider some other colors. Such as camel, blue and so on. ▼

In addition, compared to Olivia's traditional turtleneck sweater, this year's thinner style is more popular and looks lighter. ▼

To say a little more, friends who are not long enough for the neck, don't choose the full high collar, choose the half-high collar like this, reveal a little neck. ▼

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