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The Best Suit

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     The collection of brown garment caters to most customers' taste. Just as the following suit. The light brown sweater fits the major age range of ladies, especially from 18 to 30. The light color not only brightens up the owner's fair skin but reflects her unique temperament. Since the sweater is medium-thick, it can be worn in late autumn, in winter as well. The turtleneck protects the owner from chill winter. The puff sleeves, serving as one focus,  bring customers a sense of comfort. The simple style of the sweater highlights its peculiarity.

     The deep brown fishtail dress fits the turtleneck sweater well. It is simple, retro, stylish and elegant. The dress is a good choice for customers aging from 18 to 30, even the older.

For the younger, it flirts up their elegance and beauty. For the older, it brings them vitality and a sense of youth. In the middle of the dress are four metal silver buttons, adding a brightly beautiful landscape. Besides, the elastic waist draws the outline of the waist curve. Due to silky fabrics, it feels breathable and comfortable.

     The suit is a better choice for most ladies, and it is value for money. The sweater is sold at $50 and the dress at $45. The small, medium and large sizes are available currently.

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