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To feel like yourself

Posted by emma 28/09/2019 0 Comment(s)

   Another way to be sexy, salute to the theory of gender-free fashion in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and distinct from androphany or relaxation, is to be smart, unruly but not mighty. In this case, this dress is doomed to be a representation, with the elastic cuff and A-shaped neckline give expression to that. If you imagine that you walk on the street in this floral dress in the early autumn when the weather is cool but no lack of warmth, you can see that the small flowers on the dress stay fairly in the wind while you bring burst of your own field.

It's more important for a girl to be herself than anything else. Not only do we need delicate beauty in life, but we also long for an unaffected attitude towards daily routine. The girl who is in this dress doesn’t have to be elites in a company or strong performers in the athletic field but are the ones who enjoy being the most natural self. Externally and intrinsically integrated when wearing this dress, it is more likely for others to pay attention to the inner beauty of a girl, therefore, dressing up in it will definitely increase her confidence. I bet every girl like this feeling.


I would like to say: “Put on this skirt, the world fits you well.”




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