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V-neck dress in the autumn

Posted by alice 28/09/2019 0 Comment(s)

When autumn comes quietly, it saves me from the trouble of changing seasonal clothes. Long skirts, high waist, not only covers my thick legs but also instantly makes them look like two meters long legs! Combining nostalgic romance with current lifestyle, the "Go to the Lighthouse" series highlights the classical and concise new style, emphasizes self-cultivation and a classical high waistline, while abandoning the traditional complex decoration and details.

This skirt has the elegant taste of Audrey Hepburn style, as well as humor and agility. The white spots turn out fresh patterns. It can be worn to work, competent and elegant. It can also be worn for dinner appointments after work. It is smart and charming.

At the same time, V-collar has always been the hottest design, just like shadowing the cheeks, the effect of the thin face is instant, but also elongated neck ratio, more slender. The design of both arms is also very cool, and the flesh is invisible, which is really sexy. With the clavicle on the V collar, you can instantly become the most beautiful guy in the street.

Put on this dress, every girl is tall willow!

The most important thing is that you can wear this skirt without underpants, very convenient!

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