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V-neck long drape robe

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This autumn, try something fresh!

As shown in the picture below, this long drape robe perfectly fits the lady’s body, slipping at the front, frapping at the waistline and casually blooming at the lower part.  Whatever your haircut is, it manifests the quality of nobleness and elegance.

The raw and processed material of it is velvet. Velum offers you the feeling of a warm lover. At any time, its dense and soft quality makes you a loyal one! Sophisticated and sexy, there are three more colors to be chosen. Red like ruby, blue as sapphire, green like an elf, purple gem, and queen-belonged black! Each color has been made into the best use to manifest your skin color! Just like what this model is wearing, this red one would make her look charming and special, and it also shows her beautiful skin color like a snow-white princess.

With the most well-made quality, it also fits your body and any shiny shoes in your closet!

Wanna sparkle out in the party night? Try it on! It will the one that explores all the graceful and sexy brilliant rays of your body!

It gets size S,M,L and XL. You don’t need to worry about your shape and size. Everyone could get the experience of the Fair Lady! We offer free delivery service around the globe, including North America, European, Australia and the most part of Asia as well as some part of South America and Africa. Meanwhile in ShangHai and Guangzhou, overseas warehouse has been set up so that it will only take 20 days less to deliver!

Purchase from now on, and you will get a 15% discount. What could be more wonderful than getting this gorgeous dressy robe right now?


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