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White shirt, don’t wear it like this again this year.

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I have seen the way somebody shared white shirts on ins before: "White shirts with washed jeans will never fall behind."

 The person who said this is Sara Donaldson, a very hot blogger on the ins. She is probably the blogger who likes to wear white shirt most that I have ever seen.

Fashion Week Street, white shirts and black denim plus a woven bag, simple but catching people's eyes.

When meeting with friends, she would choose a white shirt with a cotton and linen texture, and make a lazy knot, very comfortable and not oppressive.

There are more white shirts to wear, and the style must be changed. Just like this one, there are wave points and streamline details, it is very French style.

Therefore, although the white shirt is said to be 10,000 times, the way it is worn in each season is still very different. Just like I often don't understand Chiara Ferragni's dress. But a few days before she got married, the dressing she shared on the ins was unexpectedly beautiful.

Leandra Medine, the blogger who we have boasted many times before, recently wore a white shirt at home as a parent-child costume. The picture is very cute, and the texture of the silk is very comfortable.

In short, white shirts have been worn for so many years, and this year, don’t wear them on the “ordinary”. If you want to wear something different, the style is very important. For example, changes in the collar, a large lapel like Liu Wen is more likely to have a sense of fashion.

The collar of the traditional white shirt is enlarged to a certain extent to form a cape collar. The slightly exaggerated collar ratio can make the neck look slimmer, like the one John Galliano's 2019 showed is very typical.

It is also often designed as a back-necked collar. The new cut adds to the skin's exfoliation, lazy, sexy and a bit uninspired. This type of wearing is very common in fashion weeks or street shooting.

On the show, from the white shirt of Balenciaga to the white shirt skirt of Each x Other, this slightly inverted high-necked collar appeared. And in contrast, the fabric will be much wider, and it will look great when you put it down and turn it up.

Another trend of neckline is the high-neck blouse that has gradually returned to our sights since 2018.

Just Chloé has come out of several different high collar styles. From the simple small collar to the complex lotus leaf collar, but also full of romance.

This high-necked shirt is mostly a retro medieval court style, combined with folding, slinging and shirring, with a "new renaissance" flavor. The fabrics are also mostly tulle and lightweight cotton, which is both good-looking and comfortable.

Speaking of retro, I believe you will find that this year's shirt sleeves are also somewhat different. The airy court lantern sleeves are very thin, and the larger Kirin arm can be subtly resolved. Moreover, taking photo with it is also very beautiful

Don't think that this sleeve is just the exclusive of the sweet girl, look at the white shirts of the lantern sleeves of Valentino and Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, you know that girls of different styles can control.

There are also some, the sleeves are made into a drawstring, the design of the wrinkled sleeves is more powerful, the texture texture is more prominent, and the architectural sculpture-like beauty.

The girls who are used to the Oversize style can wear a slim shirt this year. Fashion blog Lord Alexandra Carl has done demonstrations very early. The slim-fit shirt will look more refined and more prominent.

In fact, the most important thing for the slim shirt is to highlight the waist line, to achieve the effect of modifying the proportion of the body and slimming. Stella McCartney and Isabel Marant's minimalist models are great to wear, commuting to work and everyday life.

Of course, with the popularity of the tooling style in the past two years, you can also consider the hand-loaded shirt. In contrast, tooling style shirts emphasize the details and structure, and focus on the texture of the craft and fabric, which is very rigid to wear.

In addition, there are also vest-style white shirts that everyone can start to pay attention to. In the new season's show, Alberta Ferretti and Dries Van Noten have made this strong shoulder silhouette design, which is in line with the current trend of Feminist.

The vest-style shirt is also a resurgence, in the "Fengyue Beauty" starring Julia Roberts in the 1990s. This red suit is worn with a vest-style white shirt, but it is more feminine in terms of style and fabric expression.

In addition to understanding the latest styles, how to wear a white shirt is also very important. I have said that the basic white shirt is very boring, the simplest, it is fashionable to tie the knot at the bottom.

This method of wearing is also placed on the classic cover of Vogue.

But now, in a different way, make a fuss on the back of the shirt. For example, if you hit the back, it will be easier and more casual.

Or simply wear the shirt in reverse.

The girl who feels uncomfortable on her chest, with three buttons on the back, can also be sexy and more acceptable.

In addition to the clavicle and the butterfly bone, the dew point will be different when wearing a white shirt. Or it can be worn with a jacket to keep yourself warm. The double layer's off-the-shoulder method can increase the overall level and quickly give a feeling of being able to take it.

When it comes to stacking, white shirts have always been versatile. For example, the common stack is worn in sweaters. Fashion blogger Caroline Daur has been demonstrated many times.

When she set off for Milan, she put her shirt outside the bottoming shirt.

This type of dressing is especially suitable for workwear style shirts, and the silhouetted shirts with tight-fitting bottomings create a visual difference.

For the white shirt of the court style, in addition to the regular retro matching, the stacking with the suspender skirt is also a new idea.

In addition, this year's shirt stack shirt seems to be very popular. But pay attention to the choice of shirts of different colors to avoid the appearance of a bloated drag.

However, no matter how the white shirt is matched, one thing to note is that the waist line is exposed. Otherwise, like Kendall, there is also a stereotype.

It’s good to put a white shirt in, and immediately become a fashionable version of the female elite.

A large white shirt like Oversize can be tucked into the front end or tucked into one end to reduce formality.

Bella is smarter and works directly with a pocket, both practical and proportioned. This way of using a pocket to match is just as popular.

Another way to match the waistline white shirt is to choose a high-waist bottom-loading item. Whether it's a skirt or a trousers, the high-waist design cuts your figure into three or seven points.

Because white shirts tend to look quite plain, so you can use some accessories to enrich the overall style. These "small things" can often play a finishing touch, and will not grab the overall limelight.

Because white shirts tend to look quite plain, so you can use some accessories to enrich the overall style. These "small things" can often play a very important role, and will not grab the overall limelight.

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