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Hurry up, now is the time to wear this jacket!

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The sunny days of Paris did not last long. It started to rain yesterday. Many people on the street and outside the show  had put on their trench coats. Every time they came over,  Tristan and I had to say a word: Oh,so cool! ▼

Spring is coming and the temperature is getting warmer. It’s time to take out the trench coat in your closet!

Of course, the most classic color in the windbreaker is khaki. I have written a lot of articles about it, including how to choose, how to match, what brand of windbreaker to choose, etc.

However, have you discovered that there are various colors in the popular windbreaker, such as white, pink, blue, green, checkered and so on. ▼

I believe that many students should already have a classic khaki trench coat, and I have two of them. In addition to these two, I also have military green, blue, pink and so on. In fact, in addition to khaki, the following three color trench coats are also worth buying:

Handsome choice - military green

In the past two years, the highest wearing rate in my closet was the loose and long Burberry military green trench coat. Even more than his classic models. When I bought it, I was worried that I couldn’t control it. I still had a bit of entanglement, but I bought it because I like color and type too much. As it turns out, I bought it right. Two years have passed and I still love it very much. 

The origin of the windbreaker is related to the soldiers. After being matched with the military green, there is a natural handsomeness. For those who like neutral and cool style, military green is the best choice.

In the filming of "Downton Manor", Missy Michelle Dockery looks very handsome on the street wearing a military green windbreaker with a black top hat. ▼

Many people worry that military green will easily make the skin look dark yellow. Don't worry, with white, you can solve the problem that "the person with a yellow complexion can't control the army green." The easiest match is with a white shirt. ▼

You can undo a few more buttons on the white shirt and it looks more casual. ▼

Miss Zhong is paired with a white lace collar shirt and jeans, which looks great. ▼

In addition to handsome, the military green can also change a lot. Cool military green and feminine sexy items are more special. Recommended for military green and pink shirts, cool and sweet, super nice. Don't choose too pink, this is the best combination. ▼

With a pink skirt, it looks good, and the swaying skirt makes people feel excited. Rejina Pyo also chose this method of matching in this season's show. ▼

Leandra Medine is a complete set of models. The court sleeves with noble feelings, the eye-catching red boots, and the small area embellishment were used very well by her. ▼

These sexy and lovely elements of lace, ruffles and fungus collars, combined with windbreakers, can collide with special sparks.

The army green trench coat is paired with a lace dress, and the toughness of the windbreaker is softened by the lace, and it is very conspicuous to walk on the street. ▼

Not only lace, silk skirts and it is also a good match. ▼

When the weather is warmer, this silk sling is also very suitable for wearing inside. ▼

Worried that you can't control the army green, you can try dark green, which is a handsome and sweet choice. ▼

To put it more, this spring and summer is popular with soft and fresh green, there is a sense of healing, it will be amazing to wear, it is worth considering. ▼

This kind of green will not be difficult to match, as long as it is not equipped with too fancy items. ▼

Classic choice – blue

If the military green windbreaker is handsome, then the blue color is the elegant duty in the windbreaker. ▼

The blue color is actually the second classic color in the windbreaker, second only to khaki. Tibetan blue is one of the favorite colors of French women. With a striped shirt, the French style is more intense. ▼

It can be worn with baseball caps, white shoes, canvas shoes and other vibrant items to increase youthfulness. ▼

It looks very refreshing with white. You don't have to choose pure white, you can also wear white stripes, letters, plaids, prints, etc. They can add some playfulness. ▼

The spring and the print are the best match, and the black and white print dress is chosen for the inside. It is quite beautiful and the mood will become brisk.

In addition to white, light blue can also be matched. The light blue shirt is made inside, and the same color is more fashionable. ▼

The bright blue color with a small area bright color is also very good. The French blogger Jeanne Damas wears a red and blue look, and has a vintage taste. ▼

There isn't much need for bright colors, just add some color to the collar to brighten the complexion. ▼

Tibetan blue with green is also very beautiful, the literary youth is both visual, brown and retro. ▼

The fabric's own gloss is even with black, and the shape is also very bright. ▼

Jacquemus 2019 spring and summer series of this suit large lapels trench coat is also this fabric, directly when the skirt is worn, elegant atmosphere. ▼

The leather trench coat has been very popular for the past two years. The patent leather is especially popular. It is very handsome with a belt and a wide-leg pants. ▼

This year, the windbreaker with a plaid design is also popular. The cuffs have a little plaid and the design feels a lot stronger. ▼

Gentle choice – pink

How can spring less romantic pink?

Light color is very popular in spring and summer this year, it is very beautiful, it is the exclusive color of spring. ▼

Pink is matched with other colors, which is tailor-made for the spring. ▼

This set of pink trench coat red pants plus red shoes, full of femininity. A large area of color, it is very good to take a picture. It is recommended to wear a white top and it will be refreshing. ▼

Let’s take a look at the macarons that are not to be missed in spring and summer. Pink with macaron green, so sweet, want to take a bite. ▼

The pink trench coat is really a good match, even with white, it will give people a bright feeling.Dressed in a white dress like Dianna Agron, it is refreshing and clean, like a girl next door. ▼

Office workers can choose a white shirt with pink wide-leg pants, which is generous and gentle. ▼

Like this two-piece pink piece, plus a pair of white pieces, there are quite a lot of street shots, replaced by skirts and flat shoes, full of vitality girls. ▼

White tops and jeans are the easiest and most error-free. ▼

It's fine with black, and the soft pink can dilute the black dullness and it doesn't look too dead. ▼

In the choice of windbreaker, it is different from the toughness of the military green, the pink material can be chosen to be supple, and the color should not be too sweet. Pink like the one below is a bit too deep, it is not easy to wear a sense of quality. ▼

Do not choose too bright pink, rose red, easy to show vulgar.

It is best to choose a lighter or pinkish gray. The simpler the style, the softer the fabric, and even the long windbreaker. ▼

Pink and purple can also be considered. ▼

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