High Fashion One word open toe sandals

From Tel Aviv Cherie bought High Fashion One word open toe sandals 10 minutes ago

Without a polka dots skirt ,you won’t have a complete summer

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Style with polka dots dress decorated with V-neck and furcal hem, a charming woman is coming.  

No matter whether you stroll down the street or go on holiday, it suits you perfectly. Definitely sparkling!

Simple polka dots skirt with canvas shoes makes you a sweet lovable girl.

Match with a stiletto, a sexy woman is right here

And figure out!

The texture of material: chiffon (vertical sense)

Suggestions: matching with bright accessories will see a sight for sore eyes

Whether walking in the urban city or in the field, the dress all seem to be in

I would prefer the yellow style, feeling like very summery, and it brightens up your skin color.

Style of freshness without losing your special quality.



The purple dress might be a little bit picky, but once you dress you fondle admiringly

the fairy purple in vogue. All you need is to wear it !

Also suitable for picnic, is it ?


You will never be wrong to buy a black skirt ‘cause it never tires of seeing

It’s okay with routine work or commute

You can also dress it in a cold and elegant way. Cool girl is so attractive.


Wine red polka dots skirt easily gives people sex appeal.

And if you decorate with a classical French beret, there is a feeling of delicacy.


So, dress this V-neck polka dots skirt and show your lovely collarbone, and be a sweet or cool girl this summer.  




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