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Look at them and know what is a timeless classic.

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The International Fashion Week has begun again. The first stop is New York. I don't know if you have any concerns. Tom Ford, I originally planned to go see it, but just caught up to go back to hometown and missed it.

I regretted my heartbreak when watching the live broadcast~▼

Because of this show, I went to see a lot of previous classic fashion shows. Looking at the side and feeling, a good fashion show is a visual feast that can stand the test of time.

For example, my goddess - Inès de La Fressange , a lot of 80s show style, it is still not fashionable to look at now. 

If there is Ina in the 1980s, it will be the heyday of the supermodel in the 1990s, and there are many supermodels that have been handed down. Like the big5 five supermodels, and my other goddess Kate Moss, etc., have left a lot of classic show moments. ▼

Cindy Crawford

In the 1990s, the "Big 5", the world's best-known five supermodels, caused the "supermodel heat" of the world at that time.

One of them is Cindy Crawford, who is now active in everyone's eyes. Although her daughter Kaia Gerber is now a popular fried chicken in the model circle, compared with her, the style and the temperament are still slightly less.

Cindy of that year was called the dream lover of a man of all America. ▼

In 1997, 4,000 readers of Shape magazine named Cindy the second best in the world (the first was Demi Moore), and she ranked fifth among the sexiest 100 stars of Playboy in the 20th century.

Her sexy is not only the cockroach, but even the hair reveals the style. ▼


Cindy wearing wide-leg pants, a shoulder-strap suit, and a large windbreaker, turned into a handsome girl on the Ralph Lauren show. Fashion is a reincarnation, and these clothes are now coming back. ▼

Designer Michael Kors once commented on her: Cindy changed the way people think about "American sexy girls", from classic blue-eyed blondes to more sexy, smart, attractive and dedicated women. ▼

Christy Turlington

When it comes to retro temperament, the most fascinating of the top five supermodels is Christy Turlington. She has a pair of beautiful green eyes, always with a hint of melancholy. On the show of Chanel in 1992, she was so amazing~▼

 Karl Lagerfeld praised her for her "perfect perfect five senses" and Marc Jacobs said that Christy is the perfect person he has ever met. ▼

This picture has always existed on my mobile phone, an elegant and charming example. ▼

For the entire 20 years from 1987 to 2007, Christy has been the endorser of Calvin Klein and one of the longest spokespersons for the Maybelline Beauty Contract. Leave a classic moment for each brand. ▼

Christy has an enviable "small waist" with a height of 178cm and a waist circumference of only 58.5cm. Charlotte in "Sex and the City" said, "No matter how good I feel, I will give up this idea when I see Christy."

Linda Evangelista, who is also the top five supermodel, is the one who once said: "If we don't have 10,000 dollars a day, we can't get out of bed."

Linda Evangelista is an Italian-born Canadian with a characteristic look of eagle hooks and blue eyes. Known as the "model of the supermodel", Linda Evangelista is the most famous Canadian supermodel in the history of the world. ▼

I remember that at the John Galliano 1995 spring and summer show, Linda wore this tube top yellow dress for the big show, which was considered John Galliano's first fashion classic moment. ▼

Linda was the first supermodel to cut off her hair. In 1989, hair stylist Julien d'ys cut her short hair and turned it into a target for women around the world. Even Demi Moore, who was very popular at the time, was modeled after Demi Moore. This hairstyle. ▼

In the next few years, she also dyed her hair in golden yellow, bright red and dark brown. Left a lot of classic moments~▼

Linda also said: "I am not wearing fashion, I am fashion." Well, this is very convincing. ▼

The black pearl supermodel Naomi Campbell is very familiar to everyone. She is also one of the few great gods still active on the T stage. It has been a great success for 30 years.

She is the only black model in the big5 and the first black model to be on the cover of the French version of Vogue.

The iconic catwalk of Mi Mi has been relished. The most famous scene from the Versace show, take a look at this textbook-like step and turn:

Designer Anna Sui once said: "No model walks like a rice, no model can make a dress like her."

She played elegantly and didn't have a style. In 1997, this scene of Chanel's spring and summer high-definition show was very classic. ▼

Naomi is the inspiration for Gianni Versace, who has been a Versace catwalk for 11 consecutive years and has repeatedly served as an advertising endorsement. This leg is too good! ▼

She is also a variety of styles, and has also been a show for the Yves Saint Laurent brand, the gas field is super strong. ▼

Claudia Schiffer

"Snowflies" Claudia Schiffer is the only blonde model in the top five supermodels. She is known as the real Barbie.

Snowflakes are both from the Chanel show, so beautiful ~▼

As the first supermodel in Germany, she was one of Chanel's master models. The first catwalk work was Chanel, and later became a spokesperson. ▼

Not only that, but Yves Saint Laurent also likes her very much. ▼

Look at this petting look. ▼

Shalom Harlow

As one of the legends of the supermodel golden age of the 1990s, the glamorous Shalom Harlow has also spurred a bloody road.

Many people know that she was in the spring and summer of Alexander McQueen in 1999, the famous inkjet skirt became a classic. ▼

This opening of her Chanel in the spring and summer of 1997, Gao Dingxiu was amazing, and a show contributed 5 look. This is four of them ▼

Shalom Harlow's face is very atmospheric and highly recognizable. ▼

The height of 180cm can be elegant and evil, killing the square on the show floor. ▼

The most impressive thing is this styling, gentle beauty. From the Giorgio Armani show ▼

In addition to these beautiful people, there are many legendary supermodels in the 1990s~

For example, many people are familiar with Tyra Banks ▼ because of the "American Supermodel Contest"

And Tatjana Patitz, one of the top 5 supermodels (later replaced by Claudia Schiffer), has created many historical moments. ▼

There is also Nadja Auermann, who is known for his super-slim legs in the supermodel world. ▼

Of course, in the hottest models of the 1990s, and my other goddess Kate Moss, together with the five supermodels, created the golden age of supermodels.

This John Galliano 1992 spring and summer ready-to-wear show, retro melancholy temperament, makes people unforgettable. ▼


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