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Recently, a number of new bags have become popular, and many fashions are used.

Fendi Baguette▼

The Dior Saddle saddle bag is one of the most popular big-name bags of last year. ▼

Louis Vuitton's Dauphine▼

Have you found that these packages have one thing in common, and they all belong to the engraved package.

The engraved package is well understood from the literal meaning, that is, the designer renovates on the basis of the classic brand of the brand and introduces it after adding a new design.

These replica bags were also one of the most classic and popular bags of the year when they were first launched. The styles and designs are very sophisticated and become explosions. ▼

In recent years, the trend of vintage has become more and more popular, and it is not surprising that the engraved package has become popular.

This year, Hedi Slimane swept the screen in Celine's 2019 autumn and winter collections.

Every one of the show's bags is retro and beautiful, making people want to have, many of which are replicas. ▼

Today, I will talk to you about the five most popular replicas of the current fire. Many people say that the engraved package can be used for a lifetime or even for granddaughters.

Louis Vuitton Dauphine & Biface

To say that the replica package is the most successful, Louis Vuitton must be counted. Last year's small round box and the previous messenger bag were very popular. ▼

Recently, the rising stars are Dauphine and Biface, both from the 2019 early spring collection of creative director Nicolas Ghesquière.

Let me talk about Dauphine first:

Dauphine and Biface look quite like each other, but they all have their own characteristics. It has a positive and negative side, its bag is old flowers, the buckle is square. ▼

Emma Stone used the old flower and matched it with her clothes very well. ▼

What is the original version?

Dauphine was released in 1976 and was named Sac Dauphine. ▼

What is the difference between the new version and the old version?

The main change of Dauphine is mainly the lock, and the other changes are not big. It also adds two kinds of shoulder straps, which are more practical (the trumpet does not have a chain). ▼

There is also a version of the old model, the cover and the body of the print are different in shades, the color is not so dull, I prefer this. ▼

The bag is also double-layered, and the capacity is very impressive. It can be installed. ▼

Dauphine has introduced more materials and color schemes, which are younger and more energetic, but not as classic as the old ones. ▼

Swedish actor Alicia Vikander also carries the colorblock. ▼

This small model is super beautiful.

Dauphine also had a pocket bag, which is not much different from the diagonal cross-section, and has a number of hardware connection designs. ▼


Biface is a double bread, which does not distinguish between the front and the back. Many people call it "double-sided angel". The buckles on the two sides are different, but the style is quite similar and very retro. ▼

It can be used as two packages, and it is very practical. The picture below is inside the two sides. ▼

What is the original version?

Biface was released at the end of the 20th century. In fact, Biface returned to the simple wind in 2014, but it was discontinued. ▼

What is the difference between the new version and the old version?

The new belt retains the original belt buckle, and the other side is replaced with a triangular curved buckle, and an outer seam is added. Note that this side of the belt buckle is not easy to open and it is very laborious.

The new version of the shoulder strap design is even better. Not only the original shoulder straps and long shoulder straps are retained,but also added a chain shoulder strap.

The chain can be worn on the shoulder or as a decoration. The new long shoulder strap can also be adjusted in length and is very friendly to the hobbit. ▼

See the demonstration of Vietnamese blogger Linh Dang Khanh Nguyen. Chain shoulder strap and long shoulder strap ▼

Dior Saddle Bag

To be precise, the engraved package has been popular since last year. The saddle bag is the most popular engraving package last year.

Although it has been on fire for a year, there are still many people carrying it in the latest fashion week. This time on the streets of Paris Fashion Week, I saw various versions of the saddle bag. ▼

More versatile brown. ▼

What is the original version?

The saddle bag was launched in 1999, and the Dior 2000 spring and summer collection designed by pirate John Galliano was launched by supermodel Gisele Bundchen and Rhea Durham. This group of advertisements has become a classic,sexy and hot. ▼

It was on fire just after it was launched. Carrie Bradshaw in "Sex and the City" has been carrying her white print several times, and it is still not out of date. ▼

What is the difference between the new version and the old version?

After a lapse of 20 years, the saddle bag was re-opened back to the show last year by Dior's current creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri.

When it first came out, I felt like the old version. The new version retains the most basic package and short handle design. This short handle is also quite suitable for tying a silk scarf to create another style. ▼

There are still many changes in the other, the biggest change is in the shoulder strap. The old saddle bag has only one short strap. It can only be used as a squat bag or a handbag back. The new version has a detachable crossbody strap. And the price is high. ▼

Speaking of the details, the new bag has a more rounded shape, and the body is also stiffer. It also widens the hardware, and the new hardware is thicker and more weighty.

Look closely, the old and new versions of the pattern have also changed, the old version of the Oblique pattern is very flat, the new version has added the letter of the shadow design, the font is more simple and modern, and the pattern is three-dimensional embroidery, the texture is very good. The new version has a stronger color contrast and a more tough style. ▼

There are also several versions of Vintage's old-fashioned models, which are not covered, called Saddle Pochette, and I have recently seen Jessica Alizzi always use this one. ▼

Let's talk about colors. The Vintage version has a wide variety of prints, at least hundreds of versions. ▼

The print styles of the 90s are good in both appearance and color. Its pattern is corduroy texture, stitching leather, this material and color make me feel at heart. ▼

The old prints are already very rich, and the new ones are mainly working on color matching and materials. For example, several models from the latest fashion week, the new model also has a smoky blue and super beautiful. ▼

I saw a velvet saddle bag in the street shooting, so gentle. ▼

There is also a waist bag, it has no thickness, the conventional one is much thinner, and the flat feeling can't hold anything. ▼

Like the simple version, look at the men's models, Dior Homme2019 spring series, the style is very temperament, the color is low-key, it is a bit big, suitable for tall. ▼

It's also worth noting that no matter how old or old, this type of saddle bag can't be loaded. There are two sizes. The smaller one can only put paper towels and can't put anything else. But the size is smaller and more beautiful.

Celine Triomphe Bag

Celine Triomphe is also a trend, and it has become a classic trend.

A few days ago I saw Liu Wen carrying it. ▼

It is a bag that Hedi Slimane has just launched into Celine's Spring/Summer 2019 series, featuring the iconic Arc de Triomphe lock. ▼

The golden lock is gorgeous, the design is retro, and the "C" swashes on both sides are round and full. ▼

What is the original version?

This lock is not the original creation of Hedi Slimane. It is actually the inspiration from the chain that the founder saw when he passed through the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. ▼

The original version is Celine's 80s and 1990s.▼

What is the difference between the new version and the old version?

The difference between the new version and the original version is very small, almost the same package. The design of the double C metal buckle is exactly the same as the old bag, that is, the button is a little bigger. ▼

There is still a controversy about this package. Except for the lock, it is too similar to the Celine Box. Many people will unconsciously compare the two models. ▼

But people who like this design are very loved, and the object is very light. Although it looks like a Box, the heavy feeling of the leather is gone, and the carrying is lighter than the Box. The shoulder strap is wider and more comfortable to carry.

In addition to black gold color, there are dark green, burgundy, white and so on. ▼

Fendi Baguette Bag

Recently, the Fendi bag is indispensable in the it bag list, which accounts for half of the fashion week. ▼

Was it not very popular last year? Fendi caught up with this craze, the double F pattern returned, and also caught up with the popular squatting package, it is not unexpected!

What is the original version?

In 1997, Silvia Venturini Fendi, the third generation of the Fendi family, designed this small, slim handbag. Because the bag is slender, it can just be caught under the armpit, much like the feeling of the Frenchman holding a baguette home, hence the name "Baguette".

The French bag is really popular in the classic scene of "Sex and the City". Carrie Bradshaw was robbed while walking on the street. The robbers were going to grab her bag. Carrie said, "It's not a bag, It's a baguette." ▼

This classic line later became the slogan of the French bag.

This year, the French bag officially returned, Fendi also invited "Sex and the City" Carrie himself Sarah Jessica Parker, re-enacted this scene, and suddenly want to revisit the play. ▼

What is the difference between the new version and the old version?

The new version of this embossed design is the hottest this year. ▼

Compared with the old model, it has a long shoulder strap that can be used as a crossbody for higher practicality. The leather is also a highlight of Fendi's new baguette, which is soft and comfortable. ▼

Emma Roberts is also carrying. ▼

The bag-in-law bag has always been new, not only for the past two years, but also the most available version in the reissue version. Fendi's official website also showed such a picture of the history of the baguette bag. ▼

A variety of styles come out in an endless stream, denim, suede, flannel, etc., as well as floral decorations, beaded embellishments and many other styles. ▼

Compared to other big-name vintage editions, Fendi's old version is not difficult to buy, and the price advantage is higher, and friends who like it can also look at the ancient version.

Jeff bought an old flower style when he was still not popular. For a while, he was carrying it every day, cost-effective and versatile. ▼

Speaking of this, which one is your favorite replica?

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