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Rebellious or classic? This blockbuster tells you what is ALL IN

Posted by amy 28/02/2019 0 Comment(s) Branding,

It’s time to change seasons in a year. Whether to choose a rebellious sexy route or a classic retro style, it must be a headache for countless fashion professionals. In fact, "rebellion" or "classic" is not a problem of choice.

Saint Laurent's just released 2019 Summer blockbuster is hailed as the sexiest one since the brand's creative director Anthony Vaccarello took office. The top supermodels Freja Erichsen, Julia Nobis and Abbey Lee are leisurely strolling on the shores of Lake Como in Italy. They seem to be sexy and treacherous. However, when we try to figure out, there are many fashionable classics.

This 2019 summer blockbuster once again blends Saint Laurent's "rebellious temperament" with the classics and leads the trend. The exaggerated shoulder contour is one of the most Iconic symbols of Saint Laurent. From the "smoke pack" that sets off the feminist trend to the English-style hunting suits, countless legendary actresses dumped.

The 19th spring and summer high-end ready-to-wear show, on the basis of inheriting the brand classics, adds more fashionable elements. The strong contrast between the broad shoulders and the waist, the recombination of the leather sequin elements, the bold and provocative deep V tailoring, and the combination of the jacket and the skirt are all injecting a tempting charm into the new century feminism.

The bold combination of lace bodice is also a highlight of this season's Saint Laurent fashion. The delicate laces with complex patterns and hollow perspectives perfectly depict the curves of Saint Laurent's women, and they have a unique style. This seemingly bold underwear wear was actually popular in the early 1980s, and many MVs and stage performances were traced by sexy lace bras.

The asymmetric shoulder design adds a touch of elegance and agility to this season. The gauzy slanting shoulder gauze is alternately staggered, instantly creating a romantic feeling of unrestrained and unrestrained. The inspiration for this seemingly rebellious design dates back to ancient Greece. In the 1970s and 1980s, the asymmetric shoulder dress was even more popular.

The high-knit swimwear will bring the sexy charm to the extreme. As early as the 1990s, the popular American drama "Coastal Lifeguard", the old supermodel Pamela Anderson was shot with a red high-kick swimsuit. Nowadays, this functional piece originally only appeared in the beach or in the pool. Under the new interpretation of Saint Laurent's new products, it is integrated with the high-end ready-to-wear, with the ultimate charm of cool and dazzling.

In addition to the top supermodel, this time in the blockbuster, there is also a super-first item for the public - this is the 2019 Saint Laurent brand new handbag THE 61 series.

For SAINT LAURENT, “61” is a special number, because this series is the year when Saint Roland founder YVES SAINT LAURENT and his best friend PIERRE BERGE founded the haute couture house, and the THE 61 handbag is name. The bag line is classic and simple, and the leather on the body is engraved with a unique oval shield. The embossed design pattern of Saint Laurent's most logo LOGO is embedded in the shield, which is full of retro charm.

However, although the name and shape are very retro, when it is paired with a handsome striped suit, the simple shape and low-key shield decoration make it seem uncompromising, instead there is a rebellious feeling of breaking the routine.

At the same time enjoy the rebellious and retro dual feelings, express the distinctive personality with the classic style, and collide with the IN attitude. In the summer of 2019, isn’t it all in with Saint Laurent?

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