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top clothing in ootdshare

Posted by angela 05/08/2019 0 Comment(s)

Summer is finally here! After long days of working in the office, it’s time to give yourself a break! Let’s put everything behind and go sunbathing!

Are you ready for it? If not, no worries! Our editor has prepared a whole set of beach holiday items to make you the hottest girl! Try out our top-pick for you:



Light color clothes are perfect for a beach holiday. They are lively and beautiful. Just imagine Santorini’s houses…and who doesn’t love a fairy in white? This dress from Ootdshare is stunning in every way. Delicate white lace on the top, smart design to highlight your waistline, and it has a pocket for you to take your phone with you all the time so you don’t miss a single photography moment!







You will also need a pair of sandals to walk on the beach. This my favorite piece of shoes on the website. It looks quite simple—just a few lines to be connected, but simply never means plain. It is actually sophisticated because it can literally go with any dress or jeans.


Dresses are important, but accessories make your day. Without accessories, your summer look is not complete. Our pick for beach accessories is big earrings as they are more attractive.  

Also, rings are suitable for all kinds of features and hairstyles. For longer hair and a sharp face, rings add up a bit gentleness to her. For shorter hair, it makes up a smart and delicate look.


Shop here:






It would be so awkward if your foundation isn’t long-lasting and messed up by the salted seawater, not so cool. Foundation should be waterproof, long-lasting, and with some sun protection. If this is all you need, then this foundation is perfect for you. More shades available on the website. 


That’s all for today’s pick, I hope you guys like it and see you soon in our next blog!

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