Slimming printed lapel shirt

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OOTDSHARE Service Fee: 

Our service fee is 10%*(Items fee + domestic shipping fee);  However, our minimum service fee is 35CNY per parcel; OOTDSHARE will still charge you 35CNY even if (item fee + domestic shipping) is less than 35CNY. 

You will be asked to pay the service charge together with the international shipping of your parcel. After you have gotten the weight of your parcel and selected the international shipping method, OOTDSHARE will automatically calculate your service fee. After you pay the shipping cost and service fee, OOTDSHARE will  ship your parcel as soon as possible.

For example:

if the items cost 78 USD and domestic shipping fee is 7.80 USD, OOTDSHARE will charge you an 8.58 USD service fee.

(78+7.8)×0.10 = 8.58 USD

If the items cost 15.60 USD, and domestic shipping is 1.56 USD, OOTDSHARE will charge you 35CNY

(15.6+1.56)×0.10=1.716USD < 35CNY

Why choose Ootdshare?

-- Lowest service fee &wholesale factory direct pricing

-- High-end technology support, 1-click-order.

-- No language barrier

-- Insurance policy to insure your package safety

-- Multilingual cheaper shipping methods and payment methods

Wholesale Factory-direct pricing

You might wonder why the prices in ootdshare are so low. The reason is simple: we source all our products directly from factories in bulk and offer it to you at lowest prices. Besides the low prices, we also help you break down the language and cultural barriers as well as high minimum order quantities that entrepreneurs face when they try to source themselves from China. You also can use PayPal and credit card at our website. We give you the factory price with no extra charge. You can also buy one piece for your first time shopping.

Inspect products quality for you

We have many experienced QC assistant to help you to check your products. This is for free. In order to guarantee your products quality. If there are flaw products, we will ask the factory to change them in time.